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Fans Are Losing It Over Vera Wang’s Leisurely Photo That Shows Off Her Long Legs

Vera Wang is beautiful, unbothered, and knows how to relax in style. On July 15, Wang posted a photo that is the pinnacle of relaxation and glamour on her Instagram. She posted the photo with the simple caption, “Ridin around……CHILL. 👏🙏😌👍.”

In the photo, we see the legendary fashion designer relaxing in her posh limo, showing off her long, toned legs as she rocks white pumps and an elevated casual look. We can also see a hint of her pink hair from her 73rd birthday bash! Fans couldn’t get over the gorgeous photo, specifically her mile-long legs. Many commented things like “Legs! 🔥” and “Ridin in style with those long legs 🦵 enjoy the ride 💕👏🏻.”

In true, fabulous Wang fashion, she celebrated her authentic self fully, but she doesn’t have time for people claiming she’s something she’s not. One fan wrote, “You are very very, very young👏👏,” to which she responded through her other account @verawanggang, saying, “NO. I am my own person but def not young.”

Wang is proud of her age and has said how she doesn’t understand ageism in the world, telling the BBC per Yahoo Life that she finds ageism “so old-fashioned.” She added that she’s never thought of going out of her way to preserve a youthful look “in a fanatical, obsessive way.” The designer added, “You have to try and continue to grow in one way or another.”

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