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William & Kate May Not Be Planning to See Harry & Meghan At All While They’re in the US

Prince William and Kate Middleton are headed to the United States later this year, which would naturally seem like the perfect time to swing by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Montecito estate. However, it doesn’t look like any sibling reunion will be happening on that particular trip.

The couple will be in the US to host the second annual Earthshot Prize awards, but surely, they could find some private time to see Harry and Meghan’s new(ish) home. Royal expert Neil Sean told the U.K.’s Express that doesn’t think any face-to-face meeting will happen with the foursome because the Cambridges have a “packed schedule.” The jammed calendar seems to be done by design with the brotherly feud still boiling over even though William and Kate’s US tour would be “an ideal situation to take the time out to meet.”

Sean made some strong points as to why the Cambridges should do their best to visit the Sussexes. “When you think about it, both in the same country and away from prying eyes because it’s a little bit easier to get away from the media over there because it’s such a vast place,” he explained. “You can arrange to meet anywhere but sadly that will not be possible.” The royal expert thinks William and Kate are making sure there is no room in their travel schedule because they don’t want to be questioned about Harry and Meghan. “They’re planning a packed schedule with no private time for visits,” he noted. “Very nice and regally put.”

Sean is placing a lot of the blame on the Duke of Cambridge for snubbing his younger brother, sharing that “William is finding it very hard to move on from all those allegations that Harry put out about him and his family via Oprah.” The brothers will never see eye to eye at this point over the events that have occurred in the last few years. They either need to figure out a way to move forward and accept each other’s differences or just cut ties altogether because the undercurrent of anger isn’t helping anyone.

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