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Jessica Simpson Looks Like a Moonlit Goddess in This Powerful Pic Praising Her Life at 42

Jessica Simpson has been through a lot in her 42 years of life, but instead of having regrets, she’s leaning into what she’s learned. The fashion entrepreneur penned a love letter to herself on her July 10 birthday that celebrates how far she’s come.

Looking gorgeous in a little black dress with cutouts along her torso to show off her fit figure, Simpson posed in the moonlight, which gave her a sparkling glow. She looked right at the camera confidently as her long blonde hair cascaded down in soft curls. She paired her simple LBD with a lot of bling — her chandelier earrings, and bangles bedazzling both wrists — she looked absolutely radiant in the darkness. While she looked fabulous, it was the loving caption she wrote that proves that Simpson is also feeling beautiful from the inside out.

“Oh lil Mrs 42 look at you leanin’ into the moonbeams to recharge and radiate a purposeful glowing heart. I am very proud of my faith, resilience and strength over the last 4 decades,” the “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer wrote. “Everything in my life that has or hasn’t happened yet makes turning 42 very exciting because I know what it takes personally to remain inside of DETERMINED PATIENCE.” 

She continued, “I know myself and I do love her very much. I know my purpose and I must say that ladies and gents I am equipped to waltz within every dream I own confidently. I am humbled and honored to finally be my own best friend. Ok 42. time to Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Simpson has every right to feel proud of herself after realizing that her alcohol and drug consumption was affecting every part of her life. Revealing that she had become “an unrecognizable version” of herself by 2017, she decided to work on her sobriety. With almost five years under her belt, Simpson is discovering how important it is to love herself through the hardships and the celebrations because every moment it is worth it.

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