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Leonardo DiCaprio Offered to Play a Surprising Behind-the-Scenes Role in the 2020 Election

In October 2019, Leonardo DiCaprio had his eyes on a particular candidate for president, and it was not Joe Biden. The Oscar winner was hoping to back Pete Buttigieg with support that extended beyond a vote and a campaign contribution, he reportedly wanted to coach him for the presidential debate.

The problem, according to Liz Smith, former senior communications director of Buttigieg’s presidential run, was that his “pop culture knowledge was lacking” and “he didn’t recognize what he had in front of him.” She told TMZ that the politician and DiCaprio met at a private Los Angeles fundraiser, but Buttigieg was overwhelmed by the support from the Hollywood community. He “appreciated” their backing, but “barely recognized” anyone even though Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, and Orlando Bloom were also in attendance.

DiCaprio wanted to give Buttigieg pointers on his “speaking style” to get him ready to go up against the other Democratic contenders — there was one problem, though. The candidate forgot to get the actor’s phone number to take him up on his offer. Smith implied that he wasn’t that savvy when it came to entertainment-industry networking, so the opportunity was lost at that moment. It also makes us wonder if DiCaprio has made a similar offer to anyone else, or if he’s coached another politician prepping for a debate.

Even though Buttigieg ended his campaign for president on March 1, 2020,  after the South Carolina primary, he’s done quite well for himself on the national scene. As the current United States Secretary of Transportation, he’s known for sparring on Fox News with their anchors over the latest hot topics — and he holds his own with a zinger or two. Perhaps Buttigieg didn’t grab DiCaprio’s digits because he knew he didn’t need the coaching, he already was a master at public speaking.

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