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Paris Jackson Reveals She & Her Brother Prince Were ‘Raised Like Twins’ in Rare Interview: ‘There’s a Telepathy There’

The Jackson family seems to have a strong bond, especially between Michael Jackson’s eldest children Paris Jackson and Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (“Prince”). The two are always posting on social media about one another, going to red carpet events together, and overall seems like the sweetest brother-sister duo. And Paris confirms that in a super rare interview.

In a rare interview with the YouTube channel Tuna on Toast with Stryker, Paris talked about everything from her musical influences to how much she adores her brothers. While being interviewed by Ted Stryker, the folk singer revealed that the only one that’s ever been able to scare/ prank her is her brother Prince. When talking about horror movies and her love of pranks, the “Lighthouse” singer said, “The only person that’s been able to properly scare me is my brother (Prince).”

Now the reason, she reveals, is that they were “raised like twins.” She added, “We’re so close in age, we grew up with the same teacher through each grade. [We were] treated like twins, so I think we have a bit of telepathy there.”

She then discussed her and her brother going on stage at the Tony Awards. “I always love sharing the stage with my brother, too. He’s a lot better at public speaking than me.” Then Stryker said the two are like Yin-Yang, to which Paris replied: “We have Yin-Yang tattoos!”

As if the interview couldn’t get any sweeter, she also took the time to compliment all of her brothers. “I’m pretty amazed at all three of my brothers. They’re really, really remarkable young men… How did I get so lucky? They all have such big hearts, are very well-spoken, and are very smart.”

Paris is the second oldest of the bunch, with Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (“Prince”) being less than one year older and her half-brother, Prince Michael Jackson II (“Bigi”) born in 2002. In an episode of Unfiltered, she and her brothers also consider Omer Bhatti to be their oldest brother. Bhatti’s mother was hired as their nanny and he’s been around the Jackson family since he was a baby, quickly becoming the eldest sibling.

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