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Jessie James Decker’s Back-to-School Plan Is All About Helping Herself & Her Kids Feel ‘Empowered’

It’s only July, and yet we feel like the days of summer are numbered with back-to-school season on the way. Already, we’re seeing adverts for school supplies, essentials, and gadgets for the upcoming year, and while it can feel overwhelming, we always rest assured knowing that so many parents are in the same position as they navigate the controlled chaos of back-to-school. Just ask Jessie James Decker — the singer and songwriter, business owner, and mom of three knows how intense this time of year can be. James Decker spoke exclusively with SheKnows about her partnership with DSW for their back-to-school campaign, and how the mom of three always ensures she and her kids feel “empowered” during the back-to-school season.

“I think for me, it’s letting your kids be kids; let them do what makes them feel good and unique and creative,” James Decker told us about encouraging her kids to embrace their most authentic selves. “Each one of my children have their interest in things that they love, and I let them express themselves. If Forrest [James Decker’s 4-year-old son with husband Eric Decker] wants to wear his Avenger PJs to his brother’s baseball game, then I’m gonna let him. What’s it gonna hurt? I let my kids be who they want to be and express themselves, they’re happier for it.”

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Jessie James Decker’s kids, Forrest, Eric II, and Vivianne Decker for DSW Courtesy DSW.

When it comes to helping her kids put their best foot forward at the start of a new school year, James Decker takes the task seriously. Luckily, DSW is on hand to provide the best options for kids and parents to walk into a new school year full of confidence, without ever compromising what makes them unique.

“I found it super easy to pick and choose a shoe that fits their personality,” the mom of three told us of DSW’s back-to-school collection. “The options were just endless. My kids got to pick out what they liked and what fit their personality. My son, Eric, is really sporty and so they had a lot of sporty shoe options for him. Forrest is all about comfort just like his mama, he wants to be as comfortable as possible. This was perfect for them…[it] made their day to be able to pick out the shoes that they want.”

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Forrest, Eric, Vivianne, Eric II, and Jessie James Decker for DSW Courtesy DSW.

James Decker knows that, while the focus is on the kids during back-to-school season, finding pockets of time to take care of and empower herself is just as important. And there’s one small ritual she does that always sparks joy.

“I feel my most empowered after I make a really delicious meal, and I set the table, and we sit around it, we say our prayers, and then I see everyone take a bite and enjoy it. I feel just my best and I just feel like I made something that I worked hard on and I’m nourishing their bodies,” James Decker says of that precious time with her family.

“I grew up with a big Italian family, so food is very important,” she explains, adding that the moments where she and her family are “around the table, eating something that I made and talking and laughing together” make her feel the most euphoric.

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Jessie James Jecker for DSW Courtesy DSW.

Then again, there are times when reality sets in and mom-mode is activated. Naturally, James Decker’s battle armor of choice for that first day of school is incredibly relatable for many parents who’ve done school drop-off themselves. “My hair is always in a messy bun. I always have typically an oversized shirt or flannel, [and] my pajama bottoms,” she says of her unofficial school drop-off uniform. “Typically, I wear my blue light glasses — even though I don’t need eyeglasses (I wear them because I’m trying to cover up my face). Always a coffee mug in hand and then always the most comfortable shoe ever. Anything that I can slide on whether it’s a slipper, or a slide-on sneaker, I just make sure it’s comfortable.”

But once the kids are through the front doors of the school, James Decker invests time in herself. “As soon as I drop the kids off, I head to the gym, and I get a workout in. And I always find that that is my time; that is my one hour to myself,” she explains. “I just feel so great. And then after I get a little smoothie, a little protein shake. I need that little time for myself. And I think every mother should carve out a little time for yourself. Don’t go home after you drop the kids off and start doing chores and stuff. Do something for yourself, even if it’s for one hour, I really think it’s just so good for you.”

This back-to-school season, we’re taking a note from James Decker and doing something for ourselves. Whether that’s taking an hour to relax, or treating yourself to a new pair of DSW’s shoes, you won’t regret it.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity and length.

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