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Kate Middleton Is Facing ‘Relentless’ Princess Diana Comparisons as the Future Queen

There is no doubt that being a member of the royal family is a daily pressure cooker because of the constant scrutiny by the media and the divided royal fans. Yet Kate Middleton might be in the hardest position of all because one day she will be the Princess of Wales once her father-in-law Prince Charles takes the throne, which is only going to invite more comparisons to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

One royal expert, Daniela Elser, noted that the attention has already ramped up in recent months with media headlines pitting the two women against each other. It’s what Elser calls “the relentless Diana-ing of Kate” in her recent New Zealand Herald column. The Duchess of Cambridge can’t wear a single article of clothing without reporters combing through the photo archives to see if Diana wore something similar.

Elser is sounding the warning bells because she believes the issue is bigger than just a wardrobe choice; she thinks Kate is no longer being judged on her own merit as aroyal family member. “But the issue here is that no matter what Kate does, says or wears she is endlessly compared to Diana,” she writes. “Ten years, three children, 33 foreign trips, and one Royal Foundation of her very own later and Kate is still held up against Diana with a bilious regularity. It’s a game that Kate can never win.”

The royal watcher is asking everyone, including the press, to rethink how they are covering Kate because it “is only going to become magnitudes worse when in the next few years she assumes Diana’s title and becomes the Princess of Wales.” It’s honestly a refreshing take on the Duchess of Cambridge who is “a very different woman” than Diana, and each woman has earned their own place in history as a part of the royal family. “It’s long past time to break this addiction to reading everything Kate-related through a Diana-shaped lens,” Elser summed up. “She deserves that much.”

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