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Khloé Kardashian Reportedly Isn’t Letting Tristan Thompson’s Lingering Feelings Spoil Her Dating Life

Well, look how the tables have turned. Khloé Kardashian is out there living her best life and ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson suddenly isn’t delighted she’s enjoying herself. After he cheated on her several times, including having a child with another woman, the NBA player is feeling left out now that Khloé has moved on.

The Good American founder is rumored to be in the early stages of dating a private equity investor, thanks to an introduction from big sis Kim Kardashian, but Thompson isn’t loving the idea. The athlete reportedly “isn’t thrilled Khloé is dating again,” according to a Hollywood Life source, who also acknowledged that Thompson “knows he doesn’t have a say in the matter.” At least he’s realistic about his chances — we all know he’s the one who blew it many times over with Khloé. “He also knew this day would be coming eventually but he’s trying to not think about it too much,” they added. “Tristan still has feelings for Khloé despite everything that went down between them.”

We don’t feel sorry for him at all at this point after he was given more chances than he deserved from the 38-year-old reality star. Yet there is one thing we do agree with him on, his concerns that their daughter gets treated “with respect” if she meets Khloé’s new beau. Any dad (or mom) would want to make sure a love interest in their ex’s life is good to their child, so he’s allowed to be worried about their four-year-old daughter True in this situation — even if it’s probably too early in Khloé’s relationship to even meet her.

So Thompson is going to have to adjust to the new normal in his co-parenting partnership with Khloé. She’s going out and having fun, and has clearly moved on from his upsetting shenanigans — and we are rooting for her.

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