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Anna Faris Revealed Why She Was So ‘Terrified’ Following Her First Divorce

We’ve said it before, but it always bears repeating: enduring a divorce under the scrutiny of the public eye must be unimaginable. Anna Faris is one person who knows what it feels like to go through that major life transition. The actress chatted with Chelsea Handler recently about how “terrified” she felt following her divorce from her first husband, Ben Indra, in 2008, and what she’s learned more than 10 years later.

“I’m like a divorce veteran because I’ve been divorced twice,” the Mom alum shared with Handler on the latest episode of the comedian’s podcast Dear Chelsea. “It hit hard the first time. I turned into somebody that I didn’t recognize. I was always the kind of person that had their fridge filled. And I hosted a lot of dinners. That was back when I had friends.”

After she and Indra officially split, Faris recalled how she “found myself in this apartment with just beer and mustard in the fridge,” she revealed to Handler. “I was going out all the time. I had no one to text or call and say, ‘Hey, can I do this?’ essentially.” While Faris confessed she found this time in her life “incredibly liberating,” there was also a part of her that felt very insecure

“I was terrified that I wasn’t a good lover,” the mom of one shared. “Especially when I was younger, I was so self-conscious of my body. I didn’t want anybody to see it. But I would dance on the edges of it. I wanted to be desired desperately.” In 2009, Faris married actor Chris Pratt, with whom she shares 9-year-old son Jack. The couple divorced in 2018. But just last year, Faris revealed she secretly married Michael Barrett

This time, it has been easier for me to accept a lot of love,” Faris said of her third marriage “It feels healthier, though, whatever it is. It feels like I can be loved.” There’s no easy or straightforward way to navigate a divorce — especially in the public eye. We can’t help but feel the emotions Faris experienced must be so relatable for anyone who’s been in a similar situation. After looking back at that difficult time, it’s great to see the actress thriving in this new chapter of her life.

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