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Sandra Bullock Is Taking a Long, Long Break From Acting — & Her Reason Puts Girlboss Culture on Notice

The last two years have been a lot — pandemic, doomsday headlines, political strife — and many people have buried themselves in their work to cope. Sandra Bullock is one of them and she’s temporarily putting the brakes on her acting career to take a moment for herself.

The Lost City star admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she feels “so burnt out” and it’s time to take a break from Hollywood because she’s “so tired” and understands that she’s “not capable of making healthy, smart decisions.” Yet she’s making a wise choice in stepping back from her job because she’s come to the realization that the ideas forced upon us by hustle and girlboss culture puts us on a hamster wheel with no end in sight.

Bullock gave further insight on how she came to this conclusion with an analogy that we can all relate to. “Work has always been steady for me, and I’ve been so lucky. I realized it possibly was becoming my crutch,” she revealed. “It was like opening up a fridge all the time and looking for something that was never in the fridge. I said to myself, ‘Stop looking for it here because it doesn’t exist here. You already have it; establish it, find it and be okay not having work to validate you.’ ” Of course, the 57-year-old star has the means and privilege to take an undetermined amount of time away from the spotlight, but she’s sounding the alarm about letting work define us. It’s a realization that the pressure to work isn’t just reserved for the average person — an A-list star with an Oscar on their mantel feels those same demands.

Bullock’s fans shouldn’t worry about her hiatus because she was firm in saying that she’s “not retiring” right now. Her personal life with kids, Louis, 12, and Laila, 10, is going to take priority — and when she feels refreshed and ready, Bullock will be back and better than ever.

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