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Gisele Bündchen Joins the Growing Chorus of Women Who Feel Way Better in Their 40s Than Their 20s

Just because Gisele Bündchen’s husband Tom Brady has retired, and un-retired, doesn’t mean her career isn’t on the front burner. She’s staying on top of her business ventures and maintaining her red-hot modeling career.

She’s been open about her poor diet and ongoing panic attacks and anxiety in her 20s, but she turned her physical and mental health around with the help of a naturopath. In a new interview with Forbes Brazil, she’s making a bold statement: “I feel better now than I did when I was 20.” That may seem like supermodel talk, but Bündchen explained the path that got her to feeling fabulous at the age of 41. “As I matured, I came to understand that the body is our temple, and everything we eat, how often we exercise, and especially our thoughts affect our health,” she told the magazine.

The mom of two discovered the key to living “a better quality of life” when it comes to technology, too. She believes that “watching thoughts and consuming positive content” is crucial to her mental health, especially when the news cycle often feels so negative. Her path to happiness is a three-fold strategy: healthy body and mind, family, and self-love, but this journey began early in her career when she had to take away things that were causing her stress. She eliminated many items from her diet, including grains, dairy, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes, but it made her feel better.

She told British Vogue, “I think I feel better in my forties than I did in my twenties and not just physically because we’re all told that life is over at 40 and I feel like I’m just beginning.” It’s a reminder that health is a gift, and we should treat our bodies and minds well (sure, indulge every once in a while), but living our best lives comes through healthy practices — just ask Bündchen.

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