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Tom Hanks’ Aggressive Side Came Out in Full Force When Fans Got Too Close to Wife Rita Wilson

Fans, who are used to Tom Hanks being Mr. Nice Guy in Hollywood, saw a new side to him on Wednesday night when the paparazzi got too aggressive with his wife, Rita Wilson. The Oscar winner went into full protective mode when the crowd got physical with the 65-year-old actress — it was a scary moment.

The TMZ clip shows the couple coming out of a building with security as fans gather around to take selfies and the flash from the photographers’ cameras goes off. Wilson is ahead of her husband trying to make her way to their awaiting car when a young man bumps into the Forrest Gump star and someone off-camera is heard saying, “Watch out, Tom.” Then all of a sudden, things take an even uglier turn as Wilson is blinded by a flash, and it looks like someone steps on the back of her heel while she trips. “Stop it,” she shouted.

You can see Hanks get angry instantaneously (and we don’t blame him) as he turns in an award-worthy performance to keep his wife safe. “My wife? Back the f**k off! Knocking over my wife,” he screamed at several fans. Two security guards hustle in to corral Hanks and usher him over to the vehicle as one member of the crowd weakly apologizes, “Sorry about that, Tom.” However, the damage was done, and the actor was pissed off.

Hanks is on a worldwide promotional tour for his upcoming Baz Luhrmann film, Elvis, so he’s probably pretty tired and unsure of which time zone he’s in right now. It wasn’t the moment to test his patience because he was concerned about his wife’s safety. It’s a reminder that personal space is appreciated, especially when it comes to an A-list power couple.

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