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Brooke Shields’ Daughters Rowan & Grier Are Ready to Take Over Mom’s Fashion Icon Status

Brooke Shields might be one of the most iconic models to come out of the 1980s, but her daughters Rowan and Grier Henchy are standing in line as the next generation of fashion icons. The mom of two is ready to hand over the reins because both young women are already guiding her on how to dress in 2022.

Joking to People that she used to dress “like an Upper East Side person” (aka very conservative), Shields is looking to 19-year-old Rowan and 16-year-old Grier for guidance because they understand fashion differently.” That doesn’t mean her daughters don’t find inspiration in Shields’ closet, mom has a very chic vintage wardrobe from her years in the modeling and entertainment industry. “They wear my clothes a lot. So whenever they wear anything of mine, it’s validation to me,” she explained. “So what [Rowan] gravitates towards [are] the very functional bags of mine and belts and things like that. [Grier] gravitates towards zero function, all fashion.

Like any mom, the 57-year-old actress makes sure to let them discover what works for them fashion-wise because she knows exactly what happens if she makes a suggestion. “It has to be their idea because if I try to really impose upon them the things — they’ll reject me so quickly,” she added. So mom has a cool wardrobe, but only if Rowan and Grief find it on their own — we get it!

There is one bit of advice both of her girls are following because they know it is one of their mom’s signature looks: her eyebrows. “I won’t let them touch their brows, at all. Nothing. Don’t follow a trend, don’t do anything until you’re out of my house,” Shields advised. “Then if you do something you’re on your own and you’ll be sorry!” It sounds like mom knows best on this one.

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