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Kim Kardashian’s Sex Life With Pete Davidson Might Be What Is Keeping That Big Smile on Her Face

There seems to be nothing wiping that huge smile off Kim Kardashian’s face these days — she looks happy and in love in her blossoming romance with Pete Davidson. On the latest episode of The Kardashians, the SKIMS founder might also be giving TV viewers an inside glance as to why things are going so well between them.

In one scene, Kim sits down with sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian and shares why she feels such a strong pull toward the Saturday Night Live comedian — it’s not just his sense of humor. “When I turned 40, everyone said it’s the best sex of your life. And so far…,” she says mischievously without finishing the sentence. She gives a cute wink and a nervous laugh but read between the lines: Kim is having good sex with Davidson.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that since Kim obviously went through her very public trials and tribulations with her ex-husband Kanye West. Fans only got to see a slice of what really went on behind closed doors in their marriage, so that’s why Kim feels like now is the time to “be happy and live” in the moment. “That’s what I’m doing. That’s what I just keep on saying, happiness, peace, Zen, laughter,” she explains to her sisters. “It’s all I want, and I got it.”

While this scene was filmed months ago, the couple’s romantic trajectory has only shot up with appearances at the Met Gala and White House Correspondents’ Dinner — and yes, matching hair looks. Kim wants life in her 40s to be about “embarking on this new journey,” which includes what makes her happy (and maybe more bedroom time with Davidson).

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