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Pete Davidson’s Low-Key Presence in the Kardashian Family May Hint at His Future Plans With Kim

When you date a member of the Kardashian family, there is a lot of publicity and scrutiny that comes with the territory. Some men find themselves faltering in the spotlight (hello, Tristan Thompson) while a few suitors find a way to keep about their business. Pete Davidson seems to prefer a low-key presence in the high-wattage family — and it appears to be a strategy that is paying off in his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

A source with insider knowledge of the couple’s romance told Entertainment Tonight that they are “doing great” and that Kim “definitely foresees a strong, healthy and promising future with him.” That might be because Davidson lets his girlfriend shine on the red carpet while he hangs back, he’s happy to let her be the star. He’s fine having his moment in the sun when he’s on Saturday Night Live or appearing onstage during one of his standup comedy sets, but otherwise, it’s all Kim. 

“He is so respectful of her and treats her like an absolute queen,” the insider added, “He is completely enamored by her beauty and talent.” That respect for his girlfriend reportedly has him ready “take their relationship to the next level in a heartbeat,” but Kim needs more time to process her divorce from Kanye West. It’s a far different approach than Thompson or Scott Disick who let the Kardashian fame get to their heads only to have a complete meltdown when their infidelity issues reaped major consequences.

Davidson might be letting Travis Barker’s long-game plan with Kourtney Kardashian be his blueprint — a friendship that develops into something more. The musician is always putting Kourtney first, something she never experienced with Disick, and now she’s headed down the aisle with Barker for a second time this weekend. If Davidson does see a forever with Kim, he’s probably taking notes from the Blink-182 drummer right now.

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