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Paulina Porizkova Details How She Battles Her Fear Of Abandonment In Vulnerable Post

Paulina Porizkova has been open about everything in her healing and growing process, from fighting ageism to opening up about her personal struggles. On May 12, the former supermodel shared her most vulnerable post yet on her Instagram, detailing both her fear of abandonment and how getting older helped her work through it.

She posted it with the caption starting with, “Here’s a recent realization- I keep being abandoned by the people I love. I’m not writing this to play a victim. In some of those cases it was circumstantial. But it got me thinking about how one can set themselves up to perpetuate what they fear most.”

She added, “My fear of abandonment makes me alternatively cling, and then dismiss people I love: at the first hint of distance – I make damn sure I shut the door first so they can’t leave ME. And it took me all the way into my fifties to realize this. Getting older is so great, you can expand your heart AND your brain- if you allow it.”

Porizkova ended the post by tagging the photographer @adamkenworthy and her iconic final line, “#betweenjloandbettywhite #deepthoughts #greypride #oldandugly is way better than young and pretty.”

You can see the powerful post HERE.

Many fans swarmed to the comment section, thanking her for her transparency. One fan wrote, “Thank you! I thought this was something I was going through alone❤️” and another added, “Well said 👏👏👏 It is surprising to realize that certain behaviors you once viewed as inner strength, are really unconscious defense maneuvers. #over50wisdom.”

Many people struggle with a fear of abandonment, and it’s refreshing to see a celebrity talk about it, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month.


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