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This Cringe-Worthy New Clip of Tristan Thompson & Khloé Kardashian Makes Us Pray It’s Over For Good

Watching Khloé Kardashian’s relationship with Tristan Thompson play out all over again on The Kardashians is making viewers hope that their latest breakup is for good. A rude comment the NBA player made (as a backhanded joke) on the fifth episode of the Hulu series gives quite a bit of insight into how he really feels about their daughter True’s mom — and it’s painful.

The scene shows the couple exercising side by side on a treadmill with Kardashian discussing the men of the family. (View the clip HERE.) “Scott is never leaving, Kanye is never leaving, looks like you are never leaving,” she told Thompson. That’s when the athlete drops the bomb on his child’s mother, chiming in, “More like you’re never leaving me.” If that wasn’t a red flag, we don’t know what was — even though Thompson has been waving red flags in all of our faces for years now.

We weren’t the only ones to react to his comment, fans also had some thoughts. “this is why he cheats, to test her ability to leave,” one viewer tweeted. Another user psychoanalyzed the couple, writing, “one of the things i can’t deal about watching this show is how khloe and tristan openly talk about the fact that he cheated on her when she was pregnant like the respect khloe’s man has for her, let alone her respect for herself is nowhere to be found.” Lots of people felt sorry for Kardashian in that moment and shared sentiments of “save her from this man.”

Viewers already know how this ends since it’s been revealed that he got Maralee Nichols pregnant during this time. So while Thompson is playing a strategic game as the good boyfriend, he’s really sneaking around with another woman and having a baby with her. Let’s hope watching this moment again gives Kardashian insight into Thompson’s true colors — he’s not interested in being faithful to her — like ever.

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