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Kelly Rizzo Says Her Home Is Like a ‘Museum’ to Bob Saget 4 Months After His Death

Kelly Rizzo is adapting to her new normal after the death of her beloved husband Bob Saget on Jan. 9. In the waves of grief, she is trying to stay connected to her husband even though he is no longer with her.

She tried to grasp for words to explain how she feels about Saget, who died from head trauma after an undetermined fall in his Orlando, Florida hotel room while on tour.  “It’s like, he’s still my husband,” Rizzo explained in a panel discussion on grief, via People. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, he’s my former husband.’ It’s like … the relationship is different now. It’s just — it is what it is.”

Rizzo moved out of their marital home and placed his photos in several rooms so she can “still talk to him” when she needs to feel close with the former Full House star. She’s also making sure to stay in touch with Saget’s three daughters, Aubrey, 35, Lara, 32, and Jennifer, 29, and she warned them ahead of time that his image was everyone in her new house. “They walked in, and I was like, ‘So it’s kind of like a museum to your dad, so don’t freak out but yes, he’s everywhere,'” she said.

She’s not shy about talking to their dad in front of them even though they sometimes check in on her asking, “‘Stepmommy Kelly, are you okay?'” They are moving through their grief together, and it helps when she does “little things to try to make them happy” because it distracts her from wallowing in sadness. She added, “And I’m also at the same time being like, ‘Oh, this would make Bob so happy, just knowing that I’m trying to make them happy.'” For Rizzo, that sentiment is what keeps Saget still present in all of their lives.

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