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Andie MacDowell Wants Women to Feel as Confident in Their ‘Salt-and-Pepper’ Hair as Men Do

Andie MacDowell has always done things her way, including choosing a life far away from Hollywood and raising her family in Montana. But it’s her decision to let her hair go gray that has started quite a conversation about women and aging — and why there is such a double standard.

She had thought about letting her hair go gray for years, but MacDowell believes that “COVID did [her] a favor” when the lockdown period didn’t allow her to get her roots touched up. “I’m not anti-color; you have to do what makes you happy,” she explained to Marie Claire. “I just think this is also a lovely option.” Her gorgeous locks have been a hot topic of conversation not only because she looks stunning, but because society rarely discuss when a male celebrity goes gray — and MacDowell is trying to reframe the entire debate on her natural hair.

“I now say I have salt-and-pepper hair, and someone just said to me that’s only been used for men, that expression,” she said. “I was never conscious [women] can’t say we have salt-and-pepper hair!” The Maid star wants women to feel confident about their beauty as they grow older because she’s discovering that “being comfortable with stepping into [her] age is beneficial.” Even though “there’s a lot of resistance to that,” MacDowell is owning her 64 years of life and throwing away that feeling of “how that’s going to be treated in Hollywood.” She added, “We’re so used to, as women, being defined by being ageless. We have this instilled fear of getting older.”

MacDowell is content in her current season of life and she’s noticed a marked shift in how she looks at aging. “It makes me uncomfortable trying to pretend that I’m younger,” she noted. Hollywood is taking notice because she’s booked and busy — and drawing attention on every red carpet for all of the right reasons.

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