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Prince Charles Chose an Unfortunate Topic to Address While Sitting on a Golden Throne Draped in Jewels

Tuesday was a big moment for the royal family as Prince Charles stepped in for Queen Elizabeth II for the official opening of Parliament. His presence marks the slow transition in his ascent to the throne as his 96-year-old mother takes on fewer public appearances due to her mobility issues. While that should have been the headline of the day, it was the speech that raised quite a few eyebrows.

The speech was originally supposed to be given by the Queen and was written by the British government to lay out their agenda for the year ahead. It’s unknown if Charles had any veto power in delivering the message but given the fact that he was decked out in his royal regalia noting his privilege — it was a little tone-deaf to suddenly launch into remarks about helping to “ease the cost of living for families.” If there is a global recession, as many economic experts are predicting, his promise to “level up opportunity in all parts of the country” feel almost empty and hollow.

Of course, social media chimed in with their thoughts because his words rang hollow to some. One Twitter user laid out the debate of why there is even a monarchy in 2022, writing, “I will never understand how in the 21st century we still have kings and queens Actual living royalty who’s abundance of wealth is provided by working class tax payers, who will then go on TV upon a golden throne to say how they will help poor people.” Another account chimed in, “how do you unironically read this speech surrounded by this much gold.” The optics of the moment is what got many people riled up, including one user who summed up, “i simply would have made this announcement from any other room, wearing any other outfit.”

The royal family has struggled to strike a balance in the modern era and find ways to make themselves relatable to the public that they serve. It’s not a great first outing for Prince Charles, so the palace will have to refine the message as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will require more of his service ahead.

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Prince Charles, Princess Diana

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