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Eva Mendes Is Open to Acting Again — With One Big, Family-Friendly Caveat

Eva Mendes has stayed off the acting radar for quite some time as a mom to two girls, Esmeralda, 7, and Amada, 6, with her partner Ryan Gosling. She’s not retired for good like Cameron Diaz, but she has a list of specific requirements that would have to be met to facilitate her return to the big, or small, screen.

On Tuesday’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg noted, “You took some time off from acting to raise your children. [Do] you want to come back? What do you want to do?” The 48-year-old actress confidently replied, “You know, Whoopi, I have such a short list of what I will do. Before kids, I kind of was up for anything — I mean, if it was a fun project. But now I won’t do violence, I don’t want to do sexuality, the list is short.”

The last time fans saw her in the movie theatre was eight years ago when she starred in Lost River, written and directed by Gosling. But The View co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in with the question many fans were wondering: “But if there is a special project, will we see you again?” Mendes had an answer many of her followers will be happy about, adding, “I hope so. I would like to be.” She then doubled down on her conditions, reminding casting directors that a potential series or movie would have to be “nice and clean.” Goldberg suggested Disney, which made the Hitch star’s eyes light up, so hopefully, the studio is paying attention.

Mendes is proving that she wants to do her career on her terms, and she wants to set a good example for her daughters — even if that means delaying a return to Hollywood. With her stipulations now out in the open, we have a feeling the actress’ calendar will be filling up.

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