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Britney Spears’ Latest Set of Naked Photos on Instagram Is Sparking a Heated Debate

The end of Britney Spears’ conservatorship is causing more controversy than many people expected. With the pop star finally able to control all aspects of her life, fans are divided about the photos she’s choosing to post on Instagram, especially with the frequency of naked snapshots appearing on her account.

On Monday, Spears decided to post a fully nude photo with her hands covering her nipples and a heart emoji hiding her crotch. She looked beautiful and at peace as she gave a powerful pose and looked defiantly at the camera. “I love you all SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO much,” she wrote in the caption with lip emojis. One fan supported her choice to be clothing-free in her comments, writing, “i love u… do whatever you want QUEEN!!!!” Another user scolded, “Real Britney fans should be worried about her, not celebrating all this nonsense that she’s been posting.”

But some experts are saying that nobody should worry just yet — Spears is exploring what freedom means to her right now after 13 years of others making choices for her. Clinical psychologist Carla Manly told USA Today, “As we move through adulthood, part of the journey is being able to find your personal independence, your personal voice, and that was taken from Britney.” The “Baby One More Time” singer might have “a conscious or unconscious desire” to find that balance and “to understand her individuality and express that on her own accord.”

Manly also reminds people that sexism is also coming into play with this discussion. “Our society has so many mixed messages surrounding female sexuality. If it’s done for a notable magazine, it’s seen as artistic. But when it’s done as a personal offering, that’s when judgment comes into play and it becomes ‘exhibitionist’ or ‘controversial,'” she added. So, let Spears express herself in a way she sees fit because she hasn’t had the opportunity to do so for over a decade, and she’s just figuring things out just like any other human being.

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