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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Reportedly Sticking By Close Ally Princess Eugenie During Platinum Jubilee Visit

Now that the world knows Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in attendance for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee weekend in early June, more details about their stay are being leaked. The couple will need a place to stay while they are in town, and it’s being reported that they are going to stick close to their family allies.

Harry and Meghan, along with Archie and Lilibet, will be staying at Frogmore Cottage with cousin Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, according to The Sun. This isn’t much of a surprise since Harry stayed with them during his visit in April 2021 to attend Prince Philip’s funeral. The warm accommodations will make the family feel comfortable since they will be in familiar surroundings with close family members.

In addition to their home away from home, the U.K. publication is reporting that there will be “heightened security measures” in place to keep the Sussexes safe during their visit. That issue has been Harry’s main area of concern when bringing his young children abroad, but it seems like those logistics have been worked out behind the scenes so Queen Elizabeth can finally meet Lilibet in person.

Eugenie and Brooksbank visited the stateside couple in February and surprised royal watchers when she turned up at the Super Bowl alongside Harry. The foursome was spotted several times in and around the Montecito, California area looking relaxed and enjoying a night out on the town. The united front that the two cousins show prove how close their relationship is amid the longstanding feud with the senior royals. Harry and Meghan obviously want to show support for the Queen on her historic achievement, so having close confidantes by their side will help ease any tension that might exist with other family members.

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