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Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Mother’s Day With a Ben Affleck Video From 19 Years Ago

Mother’s Day feels practically tailor-made for touching throwback photos and nostalgic posts on social media. Just think of all the sweet flashback photos we’ve already seen on Mother’s Day that were shared by some of our favorite celebs. Well, while this trend was ongoing throughout the holiday, Jennifer Lopez took a completely different route on nostalgia lane and shared an adorable video with Ben Affleck from 2003, in which the lovebirds commemorated Mother’s Day in the sweetest fashion.

Lopez took to Twitter yesterday and posted a clip from a basketball game she and Affleck attended nearly 20 years ago. In the video, the baby-faced celebs waved at the camera, and wished their respective moms a happy Mother’s Day. “Happy Mother’s Day, mommy!” Lopez can be heard saying while waving and beaming at the camera. Of course, Affleck joined in too, wishing his mom a “happy Mother’s Day,” and saying “we love you.” The couple gave each other a quick smile before turning back to the action on the court.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommy’s [SIC] out there!!!” Lopez captioned the throwback video. Ever since Lopez and Affleck got back together last spring, it’s felt like the early aughts all over again. Now that the two are engaged (again) almost 20 years after their first engagement, it feels like they’re steadily getting more comfortable with their relationship being in the public eye once again. Of course, this time around there are certain elements the two are choosing to keep close to their hearts, and we don’t blame them.

While the media attention on Bennifer’s romance (take one) was really intense, it did give us some adorable moments like the clip above. Lopez’s throwback video was a sweet, creative way for the Marry Me star to commemorate Mother’s Day — and give us the nostalgia kick we didn’t know we needed!

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