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Halle Berry & Jennifer Lopez Are Baby-Faced BFFs in This Incredible Resurfaced Photo

We love it when celebrities dig through their photo archives and find hidden gems. That’s exactly what Halle Berry did when she discovered a 15-year-old snapshot of her, designer Donatella Versace and Jennifer Lopeztalk about an iconic trio!

Berry didn’t indicate where they were when the photo was taken, but all three of the women are bedecked and bedazzled in formalwear. Lopez has her signature J.Lo high ponytail along with a pearl-colored gown and a sparkling bracelet. Versace shimmered in navy blue with her blonde locks creating a soft frame around her face. Berry looked so sweet with natural makeup and a gold dress with sequins covering the fabric. She captioned the photo, “hanging with 2 fashion icons! circa ‘07.

All three women have continued with their powerhouse careers over the last two decades. The Versace brand is as strong as ever, Berry has gone on to add directing to her talented skillset, and Lopez has become a force of nature in business and entertainment. It’s lovely to see how far they’ve come especially since they already were in a successful place 15 years ago.

We also have to think that a 2007 J.Lo wouldn’t expect that a 2022 J.Lo would be back with Ben Affleck and engaged to be married to him all over again. At the time of the image, she was married to third husband Marc Anthony. Lopez and Berry would also go on to have their children just a month apart in 2008 — Lopez with her twins, Max and Emme, and Berry with her oldest daughter Nahla from her relationship with Gabe Aubry. It’s amazing to watch them grow personally as much as professionally over the last 15 years.

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