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Paris Jackson Shows Her & Older Brother Prince’s Strong Sibling Bond In Silly Post

Paris Jackson just reminded the world that her bond with her brothers, especially with Prince Jackson, is unbreakable.

On April 30, Paris posted a screenshot on her Instagram story of her replying with a silly face to her brother’s goofy selfie. In the screenshot, we see Prince sent Paris a humorous photo of himself, saying “miss you.” Then Paris responds with a silly photo back, tagging him in the screenshot.

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Courtesy of Paris Jackson’s Instagram Paris Jackson's Instagram.

If you take a gander at Paris’s Instagram story, you see the two interact all the time, showing that their sibling bond is as strong as they come.

Paris, 23, Prince (whose real name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, 23, and Prince Michael Jackson II (also known as Bigi), 20, are the three children of the late Michael Jackson. Throughout their childhood and adulthood, the Jackson children have had a unique sibling bond. But Paris and Prince’s bond have always been one of the strongest sibling bonds in Hollywood.

Paris told Good Morning America how much her big bro means to her. The singer said, “He’s everything to me, you know? I’ve always looked up to him and always wanted his approval and everything, and wanted to be more like him.”

She’s also referred to her big brother Prince as her “twin” with another Instagram story post back in 2020 showing the two hugging, per Daily Mail. And honestly, we love a good sibling bond like this one!

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