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‘Outlander’ Season 6 Finale Recap: Jamie & Claire Fight for Their Lives & Are Torn Apart

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers from Outlander Season 6, Episode 8, finale, “I Am Not Alone.”

The Outlander season 6 finale was spectacular. Exceptional in every way. And utterly stressful. “I Am Not Alone” was an hour-long feature film. It had action, love, anxiety, trauma, and an ending that left everyone in a panic: mainly Jamie, Claire, and me. Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan deliver performances that are as captivating, if not more, than they delivered in season one, proving yet again why it’s impossible not to watch these two. This is one of the best Outlander episodes in the show’s history. “I Am Not Alone” might be a call back to season 2 when Jamie told Claire that she would never be alone. And then they were separated for 20 years! That’s all you need to know to get ready to re-live this episode. You know what pairs nicely with a glass of wine? Pain. You’re welcome, here we go.

Jamie and Claire are attacked

This episode opens with Claire and Bree in the 1950s/60s at a diner. This seems like a flashback before Claire and Brianna went back to the past. But Outlander better not be pulling any funny time-travel business by trying to separate Jamie and Claire again by hundreds of years. It will be rude, honestly.

It picks up exactly where episode 7 left off, with Claire terrified and hiding as Richard Brown says he’s there to arrest Claire for Malva’s murder. Absolutely not, sir. Jamie says the same. He tells him to leave his land. And Brown says, “as soon as you hand over your wife.” The chances of that happening are as likely as Tobias Menzies returning to Outlander as a third character. It’s not happening. Claire tells Mrs. Bug to run and get help. Across the way in the stable, Lizzie and one of the twins — also one of her husbands — see what’s happening. Lizzie runs to get help. Jamie tells Brown he has a responsibility. Brown threatens him and says, “I, too, am married, so I didn’t expect you to give her up but, you will.” Oh shit, Richard Brown just declared war. Claire runs into the house and grabs a very large gun. Then she runs into a man with a gun who tells her to stop. She tells him, “Don’t shoot!” And then she shoots him! In the most sly, legendary way, whipping out a second smaller gun! Claire Fraser is a goddamn legend. The guy looks shocked. When you point a gun at someone, you might get shot, guy.

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Meanwhile, Jamie is getting attacked by several men. The guy says to Claire, “You shot me?!” And Claire says, “I did and I’ll bloody do it again.” If Claire said that to me, I’d be honored. But seriously, don’t upset Claire Fraser. He runs! Claire races out to the front yard. Jamie is still being attacked. Balfe was correct when she said these two are like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This is very suspenseful. Claire shoots a man, who’s attacking Jamie, in the butt! Claire Fraser can inject you in the butt and shoot you in the butt. If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is.

Richard Brown points a gun at Jamie and Claire screams, “Duck!” Jamie ducks. She shoots, allowing Jamie to run to her. They escape into the house. What is happening?! These people are literally launching a war on Claire and Jamie! Claire says, “Bloody hell, are you all right?” I’m okay, feel a little stressed to be honest! Oh. She was asking Jamie. She hands him a gun. Another?! How many guns does Claire have under her skirt?! They run around locking up the house. Someone tries to shoot Claire, Jamie shoots him. They run into the dining room and flip the table. Well, there goes dinner! The men outside start shooting at the house. Things do not look great for the Frasers.

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Jamie runs downstairs to get more guns while Claire closes the shutters. A shot comes through the window but thankfully misses Claire. I love this episode, but I am equal parts stressed and scared. Jamie grabs no fewer than 10 guns and hears gunfire. Claire screams, “I’m okay!” He brings up the guns, then Jamie and Claire morph into Mr. and Mrs. Fraser-meet Bonnie and Clyde-meet-Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Jamie shoots through one window and Claire runs with many guns to another room.

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Jamie screams, “Get back, yer bastards!” Yeah, what he said! Then Claire grabs a chair, props her gun on it, and shoots in the most epic way ever, hitting one of those fools in the ankle. Please note Claire Fraser’s gun gets bigger each season. She shoots again. Very exciting. Unrelated, is there a Xanax-flavored popcorn? Jamie and Claire meet back up to reload their guns and have a wee chat, as one does when war comes to your house. He tells her Brown found out Marsali killed his brother. Claire says, “That’s what all this is about?!” “Malva’s death is just an excuse for revenge,” Jamie explains. Hey Richard Brown! Your brother kidnapped and brutalized Claire. Is your whole family trash? Who raised the Brown boys? Call their mother, please. Oh speaking of, guess who the actor who plays Richard Brown’s mother is in real life? Professor McGonagall. Maggie Smith. Now go look at them side by side and your head will explode, à la Claire’s gun.

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Richard Brown holds up a white flag as Jamie shoots at him, intentionally missing. Remember in season 1 when Jamie rescued Claire from Blackjack Randall and was like, “I don’t know why I didn’t kill him.” And we all collectively were like, “Yeah! Why didn’t you?” Well, this is the same. Shoot this man, Jamie Fraser. He’s trying to take your wife! Brown says, “I want that murderous witch of yours.” What did I just say? Jamie shoots at him, again missing on purpose. Jamie! Claire hands Jamie another reloaded gun. They really are great partners, even in inexplicable house battles. Brown says, “We ain’t gonna hurt her.” He says they just want to take Claire to Salisbury for a fair trial. Sure, Rick! Claire reloads her gun. Jamie shoots Brown’s hat out of his hand and says, “You have my answer.” No one is cooler than Jamie and Claire Fraser. But they look worried.

Roger, Brianna, and Jemmy

Bree and Roger debate when they should tell Jemmy he can time travel. Bree remembers how the truth was kept from her about her real father because Frank asked Claire not to tell her. (Ooh finally, she admits that her mother wasn’t to blame for that 20-year lie). They set up camp for the night, tuck Jemmy in his part of the tent, and then they have a little tent time. Jemmy, be glad you’re asleep. There’s tantric sex and then there’s tentric and your parents are… the latter. What is it about Jemmy that makes couples have sex within 10 feet of where he’s sleeping?! Hello, Jamie and Claire season 5, episode 1, talking to you, you randy Grandyparents.

Jamie and Claire’s last meal

 Claire and Jamie continue securing the house and take a little water break as one does during an attack on one’s home. Jamie tells Claire it will be a long siege and that they’ll probably set the house on fire to drive them out once it gets dark. Claire asks, “Do you think they’ll try and burn us?” Then she and Jamie look at each other, remembering what was written in the obituary from the future — that they die in a fire. Claire asks, “What do we do, fight ‘til the death? I won’t go with them Jaime, I’d rather die.” And before she can finish he says, “I would never let you go.” They discuss their plan, Mrs. Bug went one way for help and Lizzie went the other. Jamie says, “Dinna fash, mo nighean donn.” Which means, “Don’t worry my brown-haired lass,” something he hasn’t said in a long time. Then he makes a well-timed and much-needed joke. “Lizzie’s with her husband. Well, one of them.” Dad jokes are the best jokes. Jamie tells Claire he’s starving. Oh nice, a dinner break, I need that.

Claire and Jamie enjoy food (or what doesn’t have broken glass in it). Claire tells Jamie in the future prisoners who are condemned to death get to pick their last meal. Jamie asks what Claire would choose. She says, “A cheeseburger, fries, and a Coke from Carmi’s.” Oh! That’s the opening scene! Side note: Jamie Fraser has never had a Coca-Cola! Claire says she and Bree used to go to the diner and that was their order. Now remembering that Jamie and Claire did not get to raise their daughter together. Jamie says, “I wouldn’t choose any other thing than this very meal with you.” Swoon man, even when Jamie Fraser is under attack, he manages to throw out poetic lines about his wife. If I were in this same situation, you would just hear a series of expletives and probably weeping. But we all handle stress differently.

Claire looks worried and asks where Ian and everyone else are. Jamie says, “If they’re not here by now, they won’t be coming.” Claire asks, “Why wouldn’t they help us?” And I have the same question. In that one line, Balfe conveys the pure sadness in Claire that has been building ever since her attack. Claire worries they think she killed Malva. Jamie tells her to lie down, and she rests her head in his lap. This is a great scene that really showcases why this couple is able to withstand so much. Jamie begins to recite a prayer in French. Claire asks him to say it in English for her. (A little call back to when in season one, he came home wasty-pants to Lallybroch and started drunk talking to her in Gaelic, and she said, “English please.”) Claire looks really scared. And if Claire Fraser is scared, we all better be. A single tear falls out of Balfe’s eye. And let me say this is just the first. Jamie asks Claire how many times he’s come close to dying. Claire says, “After Wentworth in the Abbey (after Blackjack Randall’s attack). After Culloden, you had a fever and almost died, but Jenny nursed you through it.” “Forced me through it,” he replies. Claire goes on, “When Laoghaire tried to kill you.” Jamie says, “You forced me through that. And when the snake bit me.” It’s true, Claire has the magic touch when it comes to saving Jamie. Claire says, “How about the shipwreck,” and he reminds her, “You almost died, not me.”

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Only Jamie and Claire would soothe each other by talking about all the times they almost died. Their Valentine’s Day cards would be wild in the present day. “Claire, I love you so much, that I would swim to the bottom of the ocean when a huge sail drags you down and you stop breathing, but then I kissed CPR’d you back to life.” And Claire’s: “I love you so much that when a snake bites you, I would handle the job of bringing you back to life with my own two hands.” If you know, you know. And if you don’t know, go read this. Then she says, “And of course, there’s your back.” Aye. Who could forget how Jamie got his signature back scars? Okay, I forgot. When Claire said this, I thought, “What happened to his back?” I forgot one of the most important, defining things that happened to Jamie Fraser. I block out bad experiences, okay?

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Claire continues, “You’re a hard man to kill. That brings me a great deal of comfort.” Claire asks, why the cheerful death talk husband? He says he ran into a fortune teller in France who told him he’s a cat and that she saw in his hand the number 9 and also death. Now usually this would cause me to go, “Oh no! Death!” But that’s kind of spoiler alert for everyone, even Jamie Fraser. Claire says, “Never thought hearing the litany of near-death experiences would bring me so much peace, but maybe it’s just the nearness of you.” What a great line. She falls asleep, head in his lap, holding hands. This episode and scene are shot really beautifully. Jamie Payne, who’s directed some of Outlander’s strongest episodes, including last year’s finale, directed this one too. In fact, there should be a new word for when Payne directs. Payneful, because you know it’s going to be painful and beautiful. This scene is especially stand-out because in just simple conversation we see why this couple is so engaging. They aren’t even really doing anything, but somehow you hang on every word.

The town turns on Claire and Jamie

Jamie wakes Claire and says, “The folk are coming.” Well, crap. Break’s over. The fisherfolk come to the house with torches, which I guess is their version of flashlights, but still they look terrifying. Hiram Crombie is there. Remember little beardy beard man who disrespected Claire last episode? Jamie seems relieved to see him and Claire’s like, “Really?!” Team Claire. Jamie says Hiram will prevent Brown from setting the house on fire or hanging them. Cool, thanks then Hiram?

Hiram tells them, they have to come outside. Uh no. Then Jamie says the same but in more Jamie Fraser speak. Hiram says he’s there to negotiate. How about, “No, Hiram!” Jamie asks what assurance is there for their safety, and Hiram says he’s put his life in between the men and Jamie. Claire looks concerned, but they both realize there’s not much they can do. Jamie and Claire go outside armed. Someone screams, “Burn the witch!” So rude. She literally healed all of you useless Ridge heads and this is the thanks she gets? Jamie screams, “You’ll take my wife over my dead body!” And mine, Jamie! Then the woman who mocked Fergus’s son screams, “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.” And to her I say, “Thou shall f-off.” Then she throws a rock at Claire! Where is Fergus and his whisky-throwing self?! Round of applause for Twitter fan and artist @solgasart who created this piece of art. Put it in a museum, or Claire and Jamie’s new home, because this one is busted.

The crowd turns on Jamie and Claire, saying one of them murdered Malva. Honestly, this looks very bad for them! Everyone claims they want “justice” for Malva and her baby. You know Malva, who they refer to as a wee whore! Sure, they really cared about her. Claire pleads and says she tried to save her. Which she did! They start screaming “justice,” and close in on Jamie and Claire. Richard Brown says that’s all they want. Jamie tells them if he surrenders Claire to Brown, Brown will kill her out of revenge for his brother. “You lay with a woman that was not your wife,” Brown spits. Um no, he didn’t! Good thing I’m not there helping. Then stupid Allan Christie says, “Put him to a trial, he debauched my sister and killed her.” But Fergus’s whisky lady says Claire is a witch and murderer. Hiram suggests they both go along. Oh for Fraser’s sake, nooooooo. Then all of a sudden Lizzie and a pack of men arrive! Yes, Lizzie and Twizzie! You did it, Twizzlers! Their new couple name. Jamie sees them and is like um they don’t have enough men. He tells Claire they need to go together, there’s no other way. Ugh. Claire looks like I do right now. Same exact expression.

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Then all of a sudden Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones), who looks like crap, by the way, emerges from the crowd. He says, “Take them both, but I will travel with them to make sure no further evil will be done.” Omg. Tom. Tom?! Are you actually doing good?!? He says, “The justice is mine if anyone’s.” He looks at Claire and Jamie and says, “We will leave in the morning, there’s no reason you and your wife should not rest in your own bed.” Wow. Do I like Tom now?! First Roger, now Tom?! Though let’s not forget Tom is the hero and the villain in this moment. Claire and Tom share a look. Oh, he’s protecting her. His hair’s a real mess. Jamie and Claire go back into the house arm and arm. This is an incredibly sad episode. Lizzie looks at them and cries. Same, Lizzie. I still have questions about Twizzie, little lady, but we can talk later.

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Jamie and Claire’s last night

Jamie and Claire stand in their destroyed bedroom. Jamie assures her this will not be the last time they are in their home. Claire and Jamie are in bed. Claire turns over and a single tear rolls down her cheek. Balfe is exceptional. This single tear should get an award. Henceforth, she’ll be called, “Single tear Balfe.” Yes, I wrote henceforth. Claire says to Jamie, “I’m so scared.” Then they have a very long, intimate, vulnerable, and intense love scene that’s along the lines of love scenes from earlier seasons, with Balfe and Heughan proving yet again what chemistry is. Jamie and Claire were once separated for 20 years. They’re fully aware they might be separated again. Season 6 has very skillfully and gently showed how Claire and Jamie healed from what happened to Claire last year. The love scenes this season have been playful, desperate, funny, and beautiful. Physical closeness to each other has always been key from the moment they got married. Their ability to connect no matter the situation is peak Jamie and Claire. About to be separated by 200 years and one of you is traveling through a rock? But first, sex. About to die? But first, sex. I respect it. Shout out to the director for the parallel shots from the last beautiful shot in season 5 and this scene, that Twitter fan @displaceintime picked up on.

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The intimacy of every Jamie and Claire scene can’t be overstated, whether they’re just resting together, like when her head is in his lap, to this love scene. Even when these two are touching, it almost seems like it’s not enough for them. It’s worth noting that this is the first season Outlander had an intimacy coordinator, Vanessa Coffey. As this scene proves, intimacy coordinators don’t diminish scenes, they simply ensure actors feel safe and protected, as Jessica Reynolds shared. It’s possible for safe and sexy to exist together.

Claire and Jamie are taken

The next morning, the band of dangerous idiots throws Claire and Jamie in a horse cart and assigns a guard. Tom Christie is there too. Claire takes a seemingly last sad look at their house. She and Jamie hold hands as the cart pulls away. They take a rest to have some food. Claire sees the guy she shot and says, “Maybe I should tend to their wounds?” There goes Claire offering to help the enemy. Dr. Fraser, you are off duty, do not help them. Let them all die. Then you and Jamie can roll back to the Ridge and have more hot anxiety sex. And all will be right with the world. Evil Brown gallops in and says Salisbury doesn’t have a sheriff, so they need to go 200 miles to Wilmington. He brags he told everyone in Salisbury that Claire’s a murderer. See this is why Jamie should have shot him. Tom Christie actually looks sympathetic to Claire, he’s looking at her with real love eyes, and Jamie sees it. Tom brings Claire food. Back on the Ridge, a distraught Lizzie tells Ian they’ve taken them. Yes! Ian to the rescue. Ever since he went cold murdering-avenging nephew the night that they rescued Claire, Ian seems just as deadly as Jamie. Jamie tells Claire that Brown isn’t in control of the men anymore. He explains the men wanted to just hang them and loot their home, but didn’t expect this long journey. Claire asks, “What is Tom’s purpose? Is he only protecting us to see me hanged?” No Claire bear, he’s got love eyes for you, he just wants to hang with you, not see you hang. But only Jamie and I know this.

Jamie and Claire get stoned

As they go through Salisbury, the guard announces, “Here are the murderers and she is a witch.” Suddenly, a man throws a stone and hits Claire in the head! Omg, Jamie and Claire are getting stoned, and not in the good way! Holy shit! I cannot even type this, it’s too stressful. Tom Christie screams, “Stop!” Jamie shields Claire with his body. And Claire punches a man who tries to get in their cart. It’s a great punch! I replayed it, that’s how good it is. Tom freaks out and tells Brown to get a hold of his men, but Brown is hit with a rock. It was me. I threw it through the TV, I don’t regret a thing. Tom whips out a gun, shoots, and stops the attack. Jamie and Claire are both bleeding from their heads! These were big rocks, by the way! Claire could have been concussed! Shout out to Jamie Fraser for using his entire body to protect his wife. Shout out to Claire for punching that man. Shout out to me for not having an anxiety attack. Okay, that was two truths and a lie.

“The Curious Case of Lice”

Roger and Brianna are rolling along on their happy little family road trip as Claire and Jamie are being concussed-attacked. Jemmy is adorable. That’s all. He leans in and says to Brianna’s stomach, “Hi baby, I love you a lot.” Protect Jemmy Mackenzie at all costs. Brianna discovers Jemmy has lice and tells him, “We’re going to have to cut your hair.” Jemmy says, “Like grandma?” Give Jamie and Claire more cute scenes with Jemmy in season 7. If they survive. K, thanks. They cut Jemmy’s hair and Brianna discovers a mole. Roger says, “Oh I have one too, they’re hereditary.” They look at each other. Holy-Stephen-Bonnet-ain’t-the-father-DNA23-and-me! Roger and Jemmy are father and son! Roger tells Brianna to cut his hair too as he lifts Jemmy up. Fine, my cold heart melted at this.

Claire’s crabby

Back to Jamie and Claire’s “Les Miserables” cart. Jamie tends to Claire’s punchy hand and tells her next time don’t hit his face, punch soft parts. And then Claire says, “Thanks for the advice, how many times have you broken your hands hitting someone?” And Jamie says, “Your hand isn’t broken!” “I’m the doctor,” Claire retorts. He says, “If it were broken, you would be puking and instead you’re crabbit.” And Claire says, “Oh crabbit my arse!” Then smiles and admits she’s crabby. Jamie Fraser can even make Claire smile in the middle of whatever this terrible situation is. Skills, man. Then he tells her that seeing her punch that man is something he will never forget, “Pounding on that wee lad in a fit of fury, I’ll treasure it.” Same, James, same. Told you, I watched it twice. It is a bringer of pure joy and might be my favorite scene in the episode. Tom Christie listens in. Yeah Tom, you have literally no chance with Claire. But you know that. Jamie goes to pee and Ian pops up in the bushes! Yes! Ian and Jamie decide it’s too risky to try and escape. Ian says he’ll keep watch. Did Jamie get to pee? Because Ian interrupted mid-stream. Claire is sound asleep.

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Someone dies

The next day, Jamie and Claire wake up and something’s happening. I wish they could stay in this cart together, and just gallop off into the sunset, because I have a bad feeling. The man Claire shot falls off his horse and dies. The other men are angry, probably at Claire. Maybe she was right and should have tended to his wounds. They tell Jamie and Claire to get out and get themselves a drink, but then the guard says, “Only you,” to Jamie and makes Claire stay in the cart. Uh oh. Here it comes.

They all grab Jamie, and Claire yells. Tom Christie looks up. Claire screams, “Jamie!” Jamie screams, “Claire!” I scream. Oh sorry, but I did. Two men restrain Claire and the cart with Claire takes off, I hope Tom hopped on! Jamie is knocked out by the end of a gun. HOLY Diana Gabaldon! Are they separating them again?!? NOOOOOOOO.

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Heughan’s portrayal of Jamie going from sweet to desperate to absolutely dangerous happens in the blink of an eye. When Claire is taken, we see a flash of season one Jamie, filled with fury, fear, and desperation — but know that the only ones in danger are the ones keeping him from Claire. RIP all you guys. Twitter fans reacted to this the same way. Twitter fan @new_sasha said, “Their desperation of being brutally forced apart – again!” Twitter fan @alohaimarie said, “I’m broken.” Twitter fan @balfesgal gave a virtual round of applause to Balfe for, well, everything. Finally, Twitter fan @senoritav76 used emojis to describe this entire episode and emojis don’t lie.

Claire & Jamie are separated

Claire screams at Richard, “What are you doing to Jamie?” Then calls him a petty bastard. Claire Fraser continues to be a legend. Petty Bastard says, “What my brother did to you was cruel and unforgivable.” Oh shut up. You’re literally kidnapping her too. You’re the same. Tom rides up on a horse and says, “What is this?!” Claire begs him, “Go back! They’re going to kill Jamie.” Brown says he’s merely sending Mr. Fraser home. Where?! To England, to the ridge?! Claire is his home, you fools. Can Marsali please appear with her deadly syringe and off this brother too?

Tom pulls Brown aside, then tells Claire Brown has given his word that they won’t hurt Jamie. Claire tells him to please go back to Jamie. Tom says, “I’ve sworn to protect you.” Oh he does love her. “Jamie can take care of himself, and if I go help him I would have to let you out of my sight and that I will not do.” Tom has a point. Team Tom. Words I never thought I’d say. In a voiceover, Claire says, “Tom is right, without him I’d be killed.” Claire worries for Jamie. She thinks that the fact that Tom wouldn’t look at her is because he knew Jamie was dead already. Poor Claire and Jamie, they don’t deserve this.

Claire arrives in Wilmington, and they throw her in a jail cell. Wait a minute, remember that whistling guy in the jail cell?! Is he going to be revealed? As they put Claire in a gross jail cell, they take her medical bag. Also there’s a rat. Gross. Tom gives Claire a pouch. Money? Better be a small scalpel in there, Tom. He assures her Jamie is alive, “I wouldn’t have his death on my conscience, nor yours!” Then tells her to trust in God, and puts his hand over hers and says, “I will not leave town.” Ugh, I like Tom. Even though this is all his fault! Richard Brown says, “I’ll see you at the gallows Mistress Fraser.” Oh crap.

Meanwhile, Jamie is tied to a tree. “What have you done with my wife?” he spits. Jerk guard says, “No idea but what Mr. Brown has done is not my place to say,” then smiles. Jamie and Claire are both only dedicated to each other. They literally care more about the other than they do about themselves. Ian better save his uncle! Then the guard calls Claire a bitch and tells Jamie he hopes she dies. Now you’ve made a big mistake sir. Oh no! They’re sending Jamie on a ship back to Scotland, “where he belongs.” “You’ll never see your witch of a wife again,” the guard says. Put that on that man’s tombstone, he just sealed his own fate. A man tries to hit Jamie with the end of his gun, but then he’s hit by Ian’s arrow!!! Yessssss! Ian’s with the Cherokee! This looks like the same beach Bonnet took Bree to. Beaches are not good luck for the Frasers, cue beach montage! The Cherokee attack the men with the guns Jamie got them. But then the guard holds a gun to Jamie’s head, as the Cherokee and Ian arrive pointing guns at the guard. Jamie says, “Don’t! He knows where Claire is,” and the guard smiles. Ian says, “So do we uncle.” And that guy is like oh shit, then oh shot. He gets shot through his hand and eye. Single bullet. Round of applause to the director for this shot, no pun intended. It’s brilliant. The Cherokee chief says to Jamie, “I told you I would fight with you bear killer!” Then they all ride horses across the beach, galloping to save Claire.

WHAT?! NOOOOOOO! You cannot end it this way. This is too much of a cliff hanger! Actually, it’s more of a Claire hanger (and not just because they might hang Claire). Please. How long will I have to wait?! A year? A year. No. Outlander. Oh by the way, May 1, which is today, is also Jamie Fraser’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Jamie, Diana Gabaldon stole your wife. AGAIN. If this is another 20-year separation, RIP me. Some things are not possible to endure twice. What a great sixth season. Season 7, which is already in production, cannot come soon enough. If you can’t wait a year read book 7 or the entire book series. You have time! Now go re-watch the finale, we all know you’re going to. Check our exclusive chat with Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan breaking down the finale and talking all things Outlander.

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