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Prince Harry Reportedly Has a Major Issue With Camilla’s Future Queen Title

Prince Harry’s distancing from the royal family has been a hot topic of conversation over the last two years. The exit from his senior royal role — and his feud with his father, Prince Charles — might be even more apparent if he decides to skip his father’s future coronation ceremony for one eye-opening reason.

According to a piece by Private Eye magazine, a U.K. publication known for its investigative journalism, “Harry has no intention of attending his father’s coronation if Camilla is to be anointed and crowned just a few feet from where his mother’s coffin lay in Westminster Abbey,” the article states, via an excerpt posted on Richard Eden’s Twitter account. “[The queen] may have given her blessing to Camilla becoming queen consort, but Harry refuses to bend.”

While we can’t verify that this report is accurate, it does align with Harry’s protective stance about Princess Diana’s legacy. He’s always been a staunch supporter of the love she gave him as a child, and he still mourns her loss. However, Harry is no longer in a senior position as a royal. Would it be necessary for him to even be at the ceremony, especially with his tumultuous relationship with his father? The Duke of Sussex has been selective about the events he has flown over to the U.K. to attend given the distance and the security detail necessary for any visit. He might try and make every effort to be there for Queen Elizabeth (his current court case is a great example), but we don’t know if he would put as much effort into attending the coronation of Charles and Camilla.

The Queen has made it clear, though, that “Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.” The Duchess of Cornwall has the full support of the palace, but she might not have the approval of Harry.

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