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First Lady Jill Biden Is Speaking Out on a Cause Close to Her Heart: The ‘Heavy Burden’ Carried by Military Kids

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is giving extra love to a cause that is close to her heart: military families, particularly military children. Since April is National Month of the Military Child, she’s talking about the challenges these kids face from frequent moves around the globe to the long absences when their parent is deployed.

In an essay for Parents magazine, Jill shares her understanding of the “heavy burden” they endure yet somehow still find a way to show “unparalleled resilience and grit” throughout their young lives. “They are proud of their families’ service,” she writes. “Still, at the end of the day, they are kids. They and their parents shouldn’t have to face the challenges of military life alone.” The First Lady reminds Americans that “it’s up to all of us to keep the promise we make to those who stand between our nation and danger: that we will care for them and their families while they serve and when their service is finished.”

She knows firsthand about how late stepson Beau Biden’s kids felt when he served in Iraq for a year. “I saw how difficult it could be, especially for his children, Natalie and little Hunter,” she says. “All of us felt torn at times between overwhelming pride for how he was serving our country and a very real fear of the worst.” And when a parent is away, the kids at home often have to become miniature adults to help around the house and feel obligated to act mature beyond their years.

That’s why the First Lady is encouraging everyone to give military children “the recognition, support, and opportunities they deserve.” She knows how the military community gives so much to the United States without asking for much in return, so she’s making sure they feel love. She summed up, “Small kindnesses can go a long way and make a huge difference to military families” — especially for the kids.

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