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Sasha Obama Is Reportedly Dating the 24-Year-Old Son of This Famous Actor

For the past few days, we’ve been reading into Michelle Obama’s recent comments about her grown-up daughters Malia, 24, and Sasha Obama, 20. The former first daughters grew up right before our eyes, something the former first lady and President Obama know all too well. But after Mrs. Obama teased that each of her daughters has someone special in their lives, we now know the identity of Sasha Obama’s boyfriend — and his name is Clifton Powell Jr.

According to a report published by the Daily Mail, the youngest Obama daughter and her beau have been going steady since around August, having met shortly after Sasha transferred to the University of Southern California. (Sasha reportedly transferred to the university after her time at the University of Michigan.) We’d like to think Mr. and Mrs. Obama are pretty impressed with Sasha’s new BF — after all, he’s the son of a famous actor and is, himself, a fairly accomplished athlete.

Clifton is the son of actor Clifton Powell Sr., who’s appeared in such films as Ray (2004), Rush Hour (1998), TV series like Hawaii Five-0, and more. Clifton Jr. is a former college basketball player. Think there’s any chance he’s had a one-on-one game against the former president? These days, however, Clifton Jr. is directing commercials for Nike and Peloton.

We thought both Sasha and Malia, who’s been dating Rory Farquharson, each had someone special in their lives after their mom’s recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Now they are bringing grown men home,” the former first lady told DeGeneres. “Before it was just pop bands. Now they have boyfriends and real lives.” It’s hard to imagine that the little girls we met on the campaign trail prior to the 2008 presidential election are now young women — but here we are! All we can really hope is that, outside of this news, Sasha and Clifton Jr. can enjoy their burgeoning relationship away from prying cameras and reporters. (Though, we’d still like to know if he and President Obama have hit the court yet.)

Before you go, click here to see photos of Sasha and Malia Obama growing up before our eyes.
Malia and Sasha Obama

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