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Kim Kardashian & Her Family Are Facing Brutal Honesty From Potential Jurors in Blac Chyna’s Trial

Kim Kardashian likely hoped that she had put her sex-tape history in the past, but she’s finding it’s hard for everyone to forget about it. Her son, Saint, came across an image in his video game that viewers saw in the premiere episode of The Kardashians, and now, it’s coming up in Blac Chyna’s legal case against the family.

Kardashian-Jenner attorney Michael Rhodes was in the courtroom asking the potential jury pool their thoughts on reality television, according to Page Six. Given the fact that Keeping Up With the Kardashians ran 20 seasons on E!, and they now have a Hulu series, it’s a valid question. But the lawyer probably got an answer he wasn’t expecting. One juror candidate reportedly hadn’t watched their show, but he had watched something else: Kim’s sex tape. “I have watched [Kim] Kardashian’s sex tape, and I don’t think I can be impartial on this case,” he claimed. And then added that there is no way he could serve because he would be “replaying that sex tape over and over again” in his mind.

Can we say awkward? Kris Jenner wasn’t pleased and Khloé Kardashian reacted for Kim, who sat stoically, according to the media outlet. The family didn’t get a lot of love from other potential jurors, with one even stating that they wished their show “wasn’t on any longer” because they weren’t fans of reality TV. Yeah, not everyone is keeping up with the Kardashians, despite their constant headlines.

The family is hoping the lawsuit against Blac Chyna will fare better than jury selection as both parties are suing each other. Blac Chyna’s suit alleges defamation and interference with her earning potential after her romance with Rob Kardashian soured. The Kardashian-Jenners’ countersuit claims that she tried to strangle Rob after a night of drug and alcohol consumption back in December 2016. It’s going to be a hard jury to staff because, even if you don’t watch their show, most people know exactly what the Kardashians are all about.

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