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Brittany & Patrick Mahomes Give Fans An Unreal ‘Sneak Peek’ Into Their Extravagant Hawaii Wedding

It seemed as though Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ wedding was not one to miss. And after Brittany posted this new video, we’re sure that it was the wedding of the century.

On April 12, Brittany posted a mesmerizing video of her and Patrick’s extravagant destination wedding on her Instagram. She posted the unbelievable video with the caption, “Just a little sneak peek into one of the greatest few days of my life😍✨.”

You can watch their wedding video HERE.

In the scenic video, we see a plethora of different shots ranging from the ocean to close-ups of Brittany’s custom-made dress. We see shots of the resort, the entertainment, the couple looking so in love, the reception, the aisle, and even their daughter Sterling Skye riding in a toy car! There were so many clips that it truly made us feel like we were there ourselves.

Fans and friends alike quickly commented on the video, saying things like “Wow!!! Unreal 😍😍😍 a movie” and “absolutely beautiful!” And we agree that this may be one of the best wedding videos we’ve ever seen! From the shots of the happy couple to the overheard snippets of the ocean, we’ve had this video on a loop since she posted it!

Brittany is no stranger to posting high-quality videos of her celebrations on her Instagram. She even posted one of her bachelorette party that looked like something out of a movie!

The Mahomes married back on March 12, tying the knot in Hawaii before honeymooning in St. Barts. The pair have been together since high school, recently getting engaged back in 2020. They also share one daughter named Sterling Skye.

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