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Jennifer Lopez Shared a Gorgeous Look at Her All-Natural, No-Filter Face First Thing in the Morning

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In an era of social media where filters and ring lights have become the norm, Jennifer Lopez is showing off her glowing, natural face to her followers. It’s a refreshing look at a celebrity who wants to share her skincare routine that keeps her looking fabulous at 52 years of age.

Wearing a silky white robe and a scrubbed-clean face after just getting out of the shower, Lopez looked beautiful as she shared that she didn’t “have any special lighting or anything, this is just morning light.” Jenny from the Block also reminded her fans that she wasn’t using “any special filters on here.” Then she went through her morning routine with a soothing voice. “Good morning, everybody, it’s a beautiful day outside,” she said. “It’s gorgeous, I just got out of the shower, and I washed with my cleanser.”

Of course, this was a subtle way for her to promote her JLO Beauty line, but it was quite effective — she looks amazing. She went on to add serum to her face or as she phrased it, “vitamins.” She explained, “That’s how I like to think of it. Taking my vitamins in the morning. Starting out my day right.” In between sharing her daily affirmations, she reminded everyone to wear their sunscreen adding that it was “one of [her] beauty secrets” from her teen years. “Your mom puts it on you when you’re a baby to protect your skin from the sun, and I continued that on into adulthood, and it was a game-changer…The protection, every day from the sun – even though some days it wasn’t sunny in New York when I was growing up – made a huge difference in protecting me from sun damage,” Lopez advised.

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Seeing is believing — and it’s pretty clear that Lopez has taken great care of her skin over the years and her regimen works. And it’s nice to see she’s willing to share her makeup-free face with all of us — it’s not always about that J.Lo glam, she just wants a natural J.Lo glow.

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