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Jane Seymour Credits These Women With Helping Hollywood See ‘Age Is Just a Number’

At 71 years of age, Jane Seymour is still thriving in Hollywood. She looks fabulous and is busy promoting her new Acorn TV show, Harry Wild — and she’s thanking a few other major stars for paving the way for more women in this season of life to continue working.

She praised Grace and Frankie stars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin for “doing the kind of material they’re doing” because “it sets a bar for all of us.” Their stellar work reminds viewers (and studio executives) that “age is just a number,” and Seymour is noticing the effect it has on her adult children, too. “My kids are in between 26 and 40 and they are actually interested in people like me,” she explained on the HollywoodLife Podcast. “They’re actually interested in what happens in this part of your life. How do you deal with change? How do you deal with divorce? How do you raise children? I think we’ve suddenly become interesting!”

And shows like The Kominsky Method, starring Michael Douglas, are popular with viewers of all ages, proving Seymour’s theory that the “generations are now blending.” That’s exactly where the actress wants to be, right in the mix of generations, where she can keep “challenging” herself with projects that have “good writing.” The more visible women and men in their 70s are on TV and in film, the richer the stories become.

Seymour is helping to pave the way for a new narrative in Hollywood, where the cutoff age for stories used to be 40 (especially for women). She’s ushering in a fresh era where all generations are represented and working together to change the industry stereotypes.

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