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Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson Is Still Using Her Platform to Rehab Prince Andrew’s Image

The palace has been working hard to bring Prince Andrew back to public life, but they might have to realize that royal fans aren’t quite interested in that narrative. At 95 years old, Queen Elizabeth probably thought having her middle son escort her during the Prince Philip memorial would help, but that didn’t stop the criticism. Now, Andrew’s ex-wife, and still close friend, Sarah Ferguson is getting in on the act.

Over the weekend, she allowed him to use her Instagram account (the post is now deleted) to talk about his time as a Sea King helicopter pilot on the 40th anniversary of the Falkland War. Ferguson probably thought that posting a photo of the royal in his military uniform would be one way to change the court of public opinion, but let’s be honest, it’s not going to make anyone forget his involvement with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Even settling his sexual abuse civil case with Virginia Roberts Giuffre doesn’t wipe away the history of their friendship.

It’s baffling that Ferguson is willing to play into this impossible rehab storyline because Andrew’s life as a senior royal is done for good. But that didn’t stop her from trying to help him out — and publicly supporting him through all of the reprehensible allegations. “I completely stand by Andrew 100 percent. He is such a kind, great man, he is a brilliant father and now a fantastic grandfather,” she told the U.K.’s Express in late 2021. “I feel very strongly that in this day and age that we must stand by our hearts, what we think is right with integrity and honour and loyalty.”

Handing over her social media platform to her ex makes it seem like she was OK with Andrew’s association with Epstein. He signed his name in that post, “written by HRH The Duke of York,” and she didn’t even bother to remind him that he’s no longer allowed to use the title, “His Royal Highness.” She’s complicit in allowing his bad behavior to continue because he stubbornly won’t give up the privileges afforded to him at birth — but he’s the only one to blame for negatively using his power. With the Queen in her twilight years, Andrew might be in for a rude awakening because it’s been rumored that Prince Charles and Prince William are not interested in coddling him any longer. There will be no PR campaign opportunities — and Ferguson might be the only one still believing his Epstein story.

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