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‘Outlander’ Recap Season 6 Episode 5: Pregnancy, Politics, Pot & A Party for Jamie & Claire

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Outlander Season 6, Episode 5, “Give Me Liberty.”

Someone is pregnant. Someone is dead. Someone is creepy. Someone is getting everyone high. Someone sees something weird bottled in a jar. Someone from the past who loves Jamie returns. Someone is threatened. And Jamie and Claire look ridiculously attractive in their party clothes. It ain’t easy being the Frasers. Is there anything better than seeing Claire and Jamie Fraser (Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan) dress up in their finest duds and hit a bougie political party, where they run into several people from their past, including the woman who helped Bonnie Prince “Mark Me” Charlie escape Scotland after the Battle of Culloden? You remember him, the man who is responsible for Jamie and Claire’s 20-year separation. (Also see Diana Gabaldon, creator of Jamie and Claire and author of all the Outlander books). Back on the Ridge, Bree is roaming through the woods with Malva, Marsali, and Lizzie. And let’s just say they find something super creepy, and no not Malva — although this episode marks when Malva reveals a new terrifying side of herself. I told you so, Claire and Jamie Fraser. While Bree is nature walking, Roger is spending a lot of time with a woman who’s not his wife. Also, Claire gets two people high. And it’s the best scene in the world. Yes, the world. She’s a doctor! It’s called medicine, people. To quote Bonnie Prince, “Mark me” this episode is packed. Here we go.

June 1746 – Mark me, the Prince is back

“Sing me a song of a lad that is back…” And that lad would be Bonnie Prince Charlie. Dressed in a bonnet. Not a Stephen Bonnet. It’s too soon, isn’t it? Now we know why the Outlander theme song changed to, “Sing me a song of a lad that is gone.” It is about him. He’s on a beach walking with two people. And complaining about wearing women’s garb as he cowardly is escaping Scotland. The woman helping him escape is Flora McDonald (Shauna Macdonald). They slyly get the British to allow them to escape. They’re in a very small boat and that’s a very big ocean. Remember when Jamie and Claire literally fell into the giant ocean and Claire died and Jamie gave her underwater CPR, but also may have just tried to make out with her one last time in season 3? Good times. Land, sea, dead, alive, Jamie and Claire bringing sexy, make that sexsea, back at all times. This episode includes a special opening version of the theme song and it’s beautiful.

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Jamie resigns & Lord John Grey returns

The Governor is reading a resignation letter from James Fraser. By the way, Jamie Fraser has super nice handwriting. He reads the letter out loud to someone we know. Well, hello, Lord John Grey. Hey gurl, how are you? He’s mad. He looks really mad. The Governor asks, “Is this a letter of resignation or revolt?” And then John stops looking mad, and his Jamie love eyes return, “It’s the former.” But then he looks mad again. The Governor asks, “He’s a friend of yours?” Oh yeah, he is…. “One of my dearest,” Lord John replies And the Governor is like, “Cool go check where his loyalties lie.” Is this mission John Grey’s dream? Yes, it is.

Jamie’s gotta crush

Claire and Jamie are unpacking in their room at the inn in Wilmington. Claire says she needs to get to the apothecary before Flora McDonald’s event. Omg Flora! The Bonnie Prince tiny boat smuggler! Jamie gleefully says he’s excited to see Flora. Aw. Claire says, “Sounds like you had a small crush on her,” amused. Confused, Jamie replies, “A what?!” “A tendresse!” Claire replies in French and laughs. Jamie gets super awkward and says, “Ah. Dinna be daft.” Jamie Fraser is full-on blushing. And Claire Fraser is enjoying as much as we are. They’re even cute when they’re talking about liking other people. (Not you, Laoghaire! Or you Frank! RIP).

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Jamie laments he’s sorry Fergus couldn’t be here as he’s a big fan of Flora and her epic tale! Turns out Fergus is running a print shop. Aunt Jocasta has something to do with it, and Jamie is not pleased. “I’ll be having a few words with Aunt Jocasta when I see her.” Ruh-roh, Aunty J is in trouble with her nephew. Claire tells Jamie, “Remember today is a celebration,” and kisses him. She tends to win most arguments like this. Smooth, Claire. Smooth. Claire notes how Flora and Bonnie Prince in the tiny boat became emblematic of Scottish rebelliousness in the future. Jamie says, “Yet she speaks on behalf of the Crown.” Um, Jamie you are literally working for the Crown. Sir. He notes that if he didn’t know about the future (thanks to Claire and Bree), he too would just keep his oath to the Crown. But because he does he will break his oath. Claire looks concerned. So do I. So do you. Because we know Jamie, Claire, war, and the British do not mix well.

Pub time with Jamie

Jamie goes down to a pub to have a drink and makes the mistake of smiling and some angry dudes don’t like that. Oh wait, it’s a friend Cornelius, he was just testing Jamie. They all hate the King. They bond over the Battle of Alamance, and Cornelius compliments Jamie on how he threw his coat down at Gov. Tryon’s feet.

Jamie notices his ring is Scottish. Sons of liberty are meeting and Jamie is going to join them. Hence begins Jamie’s double-agent life. I feel stressed. As Jamie walks out, he sees a bottle on the shelf that says: “the bollocks of the notorious pirate Stephen Bonnet – taken from his corpse.” Ew. But also I just wrote his name above and then his balls appear. Coincidence, I think nut. Not. I think. It’s really nuts (sorry) that they keep bottled testicles in bars. Some things don’t need to be bottled. Just saying. Jamie’s reaction is yet again meme-worthy. Shout out to Sam Heughan’s eyebrows.

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Roger sings for another woman

Roger is at Mrs. McCallum’s (the widow) place, fixing her chimney. She really looks at him the way Lord John Grey looks at Jamie — with real love eyes. Roger starts singing, to himself. Wait, Rog can sing again?! Did I miss this development? Amy asks him what it is and then she asks him to sing it and teach it to her son, Aidan. Sing me a song, of a husband that’s gone. Roger. I don’t think this is a good idea. She’s got the love for you, man. And Bree wifed you. Go home, Roger!

Bree, bones & a love charm

Meanwhile, Bree, Malva, Marsali, and Lizzie are looking for love in all the wrong places. No, actually they’re in the woods looking for a place for Bree’s water wheel. She really is the inspector gadget of the Ridge. Dig it, don’t got a shovel, but I dig it. Malva, Marsali, and Lizzie do not dig it at all. Honestly, they could be a cool girl band on the Ridge. Everyone starts complaining to Bree about all the uphill walking, and they’re like, “Why isn’t Roger doing this?!” We know why. Bree says he’s fixing Mrs. McCallum’s chimney (not a euphemism), and then rolls her eyes discreetly. Malva, of course, takes note of this. They come upon what looks like a gravesite with something. Bree picks it up, and Marsali says, “It’s finger bones!” and Bree throws it down. She really is not her mother’s daughter here; Claire would have literally dug up all the bones and carried them home.

Marsali deduces it’s a love charm. Remember when Laoghaire wanted to put a love charm on Jamie and tried to have Claire burned as a witch? Speaking of, Marsali explained love charms a little too fast for my liking. Then again, Laoghaire is her mother and probably read her love charm books when she was a wee Marsali. The girls wonder who did this, and one points out that Amy McCallum is a widow, so maybe she did the love charm. Bree looks concerned. Malva looks interested. All of a sudden, their woods party takes a turn when Lizzie falls over. Is she dramatically trying to get out of walking? Nope, she’s feverish. Uh oh. Bree says, “The malaria.” What malaria?! Bree. Did I miss something? Malva and Marsali grab Lizzie to take her home.

Jamie, Claire, Flora, Lord John & Jocasta

Jamie and Claire arrive at a super fancy house. And look like an actual King and Queen. Lord John spots Jamie right away! Claire and Jamie are excited to see him. Claire asks how William (Jamie’s son) is and John tells them he’s nearly as tall as he is and beats him at chess all the time! Jamie looks sad, “I hope I can play with him one day.” Lord John tells Jamie he’s here in place of Governor Martin’s and that they like that Flora is “loyal to the Crown.” Lord John is not a very discreet spy.

Claire and Jamie see Aunt Jocasta has arrived. Side note: Claire looks super happy, she must be on the whisky at this party. Aunt Jocasta gives them both some Aunt guilt and says she’s sad that they don’t visit River Run. Jamie is mad because she bought Fergus a print shop in New Bern and now he has “lost a son.” Aw, Jamie Fraser is the best dad to Fergus. Aunt Jocasta rolls her eyes. She explains to Jamie that Fergus said he was happy at the print shop in Edinburgh, and she wants him and Marsali to be happy and Henri-Christian to be safe. Team Aunt Jocasta.

With Claire away, Bree’s the on-call doctor. She sends the Beardsley twins to look for something to help Lizzie. Back at the party, Claire and Jamie run into Major McDonald (our favorite sneezing cat blocker) who’s disappointed Jamie resigned. Can we just get a whole episode, no, a whole season of Claire and Jamie drunk and running into people at a party? Yes, please and thank you.

The guest of honor arrives. Flora McDonald has entered the house. Jamie says introduces himself, “James Fraser, formerly of Broch Turich,” and she says “Last time I laid eyes on you, you kicked me in the shin.” And Jamie says, “You stole my bridie and pulled my hair.” Claire looks very amused, like she did when Jamie ran into his ex-girlfriend in France in season 2.

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Claire and Flora are excited to meet each other. In fact, Flora is a super Claire fan. She says, “You’re celebrated here!” And then asks, “Is it true you performed an operation on stage at the theater?” Claire’s all humblebrag, “It was actually the foyer.” She’s surprised that the townspeople still talk about it. Um, Claire, if “Hamilton” was going on and someone walked up and gave someone an appendectomy, it would be memorable. Flora then explains they were late because some thief robbed them. Jamie notices she’s wearing a necklace but one emerald is missing. Uh oh. A missing gemstone?!? This can’t be good. Aunt Jocasta starts to fall over, Claire runs to her and asks her if she needs air. Why are all the ladies fainting and falling over in this episode? Flora, Claire, and Jocasta go outside.

Bree confronts Roger

Roger sings his song again and Bree asks what song he’s singing. He says, “That’s funny Amy thought she knew it too!” And Bree rolls her eyes! She tells him about the love charm they found. And points out he’s been spending a lot of time with Amy and now he’s serenading her. Roger’s all, “No gurl, that’s not what happened.” Bree reiterates that she’s a widow and probably lonely. Bree says, “We need you.” “Do you?” Roger replies. I thought for a second he was about to become whiny complaining Roger, but he turns around and says, “You’re amazing to me Bree! You’re bringing indoor plumbing to the Ridge!” Roger’s sleeping with the plumber. Gonna get his pipes cleaned eh? He diffuses the argument, but Bree says points out he’s a married man spending time with a single woman who’s not his wife.

Welcome to Claire Fraser’s Ganja party

Flora has a little girl crush on Claire! Claire tells them, let’s go to the carriage and get high. And then they do just that! Claire gives Jocasta a pipe to smoke hemp flower. Wait a minute. Hemp is basically CBD. And Claire’s initials are CBF. Shook. As Jocasta hemps it up, Flora holds up a glass and toasts the Bonnie Prince. Claire says, “Let’s drink to you, Flora.” Is Flora the coolest?! Jocasta just keeps hitting the Jocasta pipe. Then Flora confesses, “I was never aligned with Bonnie Prince, people thought we were in love and lay together.” And hilariously high Jocasta says, “In the boat?!?” I told you, it was a super tiny boat. Jocasta is hilarious when she’s high. Flora worries her name will be associated with him and says he was not a leader of men.

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Claire says she last heard he was in Italy quietly drinking himself to death. Wait, should Claire know that? Is that something from the future or is that something she knows now? Girl, you better stop slipping up. Jocasta says that Claire is lucky, she’s met a lot of Kings. Claire’s like, “Culloden wasn’t an honor.” Tell ‘em, Claire. “And as for Versailles,” Claire says and then flashes back to when she was forced to have sex with the King to free Jamie from prison after just having had a miscarriage. Wow, that flashback really hit hard. Poor Claire. “I won’t bore you with the details,” Claire says changing the subject. Claire does not like royalty. She doesn’t need it because she’s the Queen. Jocasta then remembers Murtagh. RIP Murtagh. Triggered by all the flashbacks, Claire says she’s going to prepare hemp powder for Jocasta to take home and tells them to go ahead without her. Methinks Claire’s about to do something dangerous. Oh no! She brought her portable ether and a kerchief! I can sympathize with her trauma, but this is not a good idea, Queen. Poor Claire is shaking. She ethers herself and passes out.

Later, while Jamie is listening to Flora’s big speech, Claire walks up and he asks her where she disappeared to. She says she just needed a rest. When is Jamie going to find out? He looks at her concerned.

Flora is yammering on about that fateful Bonnie boat night. Then Flora shouts out Claire as a “gifted physician and incidentally a woman.” And Jamie smiles and looks at Claire so proudly. She smiles back at him. Ugh guys, get a room at the inn already. Flora quotes Claire, “We must seek to find what ails us not outwardly but within.” Jamie, she is talking to you! Look at your wife. The truth is Jamie knows on some level and is trying to give her space. But if you recall, when Jamie went through this similar aftermath in season 1, Claire did not give him space. And I’m not saying he should leap on her and force her to talk about her trauma.

Two boys, one broom — John and Jamie almost get shot

John warns Jamie not to affiliate with Sons of Liberty, and says the Crown has eyes and ears everywhere. Mary comes running to warn Lord John there’s trouble in town. Oh no. I knew this episode was too relaxing. Jamie and John go running and there’s a riot and of course, Jamie gets in the middle of it! It’s about pamphlets the printer made. John and Jamie have tar thrown at them as they protect the printer. Strangely, Lord John chooses a broom as his weapon of choice. If he were Claire, they would accuse her of being a witch. Also, when screaming back at the rioters, Jamie uses the phrase “Up my ass.” And Claire definitely taught him that phrase. Someone shoots the printer and Jamie gets hit with hot tar! On his face?! Do not tarnish Jamie Fraser’s face, you monsters! The Redcoats arrive. Crap. I don’t need this stress. Luckily, their arrival diffuses the riotous crowd.

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Claire and Jamie

Later that night, Claire cleans up the tar behind Jamie’s ear and says, “At least you weren’t shot.” Jamie worries what their Ridge settlers will think when they learn he’s broken his oath to the king. None of this is good. Jamie feels bad for lying to Lord John. Claire assures him he’ll do right by Lord John. She says, “Our allegiance now is to this new nation.” Why do they have to be involved in wars?! For Fraser’s sake! Why? Sail to an island, bring your plumber wizard daughter, and start anew guys. No wars okay?! They do not work out well for anyone! See all of history for reference.

A little note about Jamie’s reaction to getting hit by scalding hot tar, he reacts like it’s just a mosquito bite. You would hear my scream across the world. This man is like no big deal and Twitter fan New_Sasha may have found out why.

For whom the bell tolls…

Roger, Allan, and Tom Christie are rolling a bell up the hill for the church and Tom sends Roger to grab the pulley. Malva is there and looks like she’s about to have sex with Henderson! Roger says, “Are you guys crazy! Your dad is outside!” And Malva drops her innocent eyes, and the devil comes out, “If you tell my father, I will tell him I saw you kissing Mrs. McCallum.” Oh no. She’s evil. I told you. Claire, you should not have shown her your magic wizard medical book. Malva continues to threaten Roger. Poor Roger. And she’s making me DEFEND and feel protective over ROGER! She won. She slips out the back. Roger looks extremely concerned. 

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First, Malva watched Claire and Jamie have sex. And now this! Roger goes over to Mrs. McCallum’s and she invites him to stay for dinner! No, Roger! Say no! But he says yes. Roger goes inside and Amy pulls out the chair to let him sit at the head of the table! And tells him to say grace. Roger looks kind of happy. Uh oh. Not good.

Jamie discovers that Aunt Jocasta paid for Flora’s gathering and he confronts her. She says, “I paid for peace.” Then Jamie says, “That’s why you brought Fergus the shop so he’ll print what you want.” He tells her he’s concerned Fergus will be hanged. He says, “I understand your grief (about Murtagh), but if anything should happen to my son…” Every time Jamie and Claire call Fergus their son, it’s like a little knife to the heart. Jocasta leaves and Jamie is very upset. Mary tells Jamie that since Murtagh died Jocasta hasn’t been the same. She asks has she lost her mind, Jamie says, “I worry she’s lost her heart.” Oof.

Oh, baby!

Roger comes home and Bree and Jemmy are playing with a wooden airplane. Roger tells Bree he’s sorry. She says, “I was never worried about you.” He says, “I want to spend my time with you and Jemmy, just the three of us.” And Bree says, “Well the four of us,” and she’s not talking about Lizzie! Bree is pregnant with a small tiny bearded child probably. Roger is super excited. (Ahem, Skelton may have told us this info two years ago!) She’s a time traveler too, she saw into the future.

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Malva might be a sociopath

Malva is walking in the woods alone, up to no good no doubt. She approaches a dilapidated, weird little hut and there’s a dead body with missing fingers. Oh, she’s a sociopath. Oh my gosh! She cuts a finger off the corpse. Call the police! We should have known when she looked so excited about ether and being able to cut into people while they’re asleep. Wait, is that guy dead?!? Or is he alive? Ew.

Jamie and John disagree

Jamie tells Lord John he’s going to attend the Sons of a Liberty meeting, which upsets John. Jamie tries to get Lord John to go with him. Or at least delay the British soldiers from coming to the meeting so he can warn them. John looks heartbroken but says he’ll delay the soldiers. Then he tells Jamie to be careful. Jamie arrives at the meeting, and Cornelius tells Jamie that because he defended the printer he’s no longer welcome. Jamie really can’t win. Again, my island idea is not so bad. Jamie gives a speech about liberty and acceptance, and showing people what freedom means and leading by example. Team Jamie. As usual. Jamie warns them that soldiers are coming. The soldiers arrive and Jamie’s playing pool, and says, “Join us for billiards.” He’s a smooth criminal, that Jamie Fraser.

Sisters from different misters & mamas

Bree and Marsali have some sister bonding time and Marsali guesses Bree is pregnant. Bree tells her, “Don’t tell Mama, I want to tell her myself.” Aww, Claire’s daughters. Somewhere Laoghaire is fuming that the Sassenach witch is her daughter’s other mother. And I laugh and laugh. Bree says she’ll miss them. Marsali says they’re not leaving forever. Wait, what. Are Fergus and Marsali leaving the show?! Nope. Don’t like that. Aunt Jocasta, see me in Jamie’s office.

Claire, Jamie, and a whistling man

As Claire and Jamie get ready to go home, Claire hears a song being whistled and turns around, shocked. It’s clearly a song from the future. Jamie says, “What?” She says it must be the wind and they depart. Then a prison is shown and it’s the whistling man who reveals a gemstone in his hand. As he turns around to face the camera, it cuts to black. Wait a minute… remember the time traveler Claire met when she was abducted, the one who may have escaped? Is it him?! If it is, I wish him nothing but the worst. This can’t be good. Let’s go back to Claire and Jamie roaming around wasted at a party.

The preview for next week will have you shooketh. Shooka Khan. Holy Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, Outlander is coming for us all. Claire Fraser falls ill seemingly of a deadly disease that hits the Ridge. All we see is her fainting and then Jamie by her bedside, with a Culloden face. Let’s just say, the title is “The World Turned Upside Down.”

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