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Fran Drescher Has Some Candid Advice For Women Looking to Date Less Successful Men

Fran Drescher is single and looking for that special person to share her life with, but she also has a list of qualities she’s not seeking in men. After checking out the online dating apps, she’s making sure whomever she dates meets her expectations.

The 64-year-old actress told E! News that she “found that none of the guys seemed to be honest about how they presented themselves” and that “they weren’t as successful as their profile suggested.” Drescher has had continued success in the entertainment industry with her sitcom hit, The Nanny, and now, as the president of the actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA. “All in all I think that they kind of fudge their age, they fudge their accomplishments,” she continued. “And although I’ve been with guys who weren’t as successful as I am, I’ve learned the hard way that it’s fun for a while but then but then eventually they begin to resent you for paying for everything and for having more than they have and for being more successful than they are.”

Blaming the “male ego,” Drescher decided that she needs a man who has his own ambitions and success in his career because otherwise, the dating situation is “too painful” for her. “I don’t wanna be resented for my success,” she said confidently. And she shouldn’t have to apologize for the hard work she’s put in and the fortune she has earned over the decades in the entertainment business. Men aren’t sorry for their success, and neither should she.

Where does that leave Drescher’s dating life now? She’s just starting to dip her “toe back in the water and put the word out there. So, if you know of anyone, just remember her dating stipulations.

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