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Kim Kardashian Wants Women to Know Her Controversial Girl-Boss Comments Weren’t Intentional

Kim Kardashian caught a lot of heat last month when it appeared that she leaned into girl-boss culture and accused women of not working hard enough. Well, the SKIMS founder has something to say after the internet lashed back at her original comments.

The original quote from a Variety interview that got her into trouble said, “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f**king ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days. You have to surround yourself with people that want to work.” In a new Good Morning America clip, she swears that the comment was “taken out of context.” She added, “It wasn’t a blanket statement towards women or to feel like I don’t respect the work or think that they don’t work hard. I know that they do.” She’s also “really sorry if it was received that way.”

She dove a little deeper to give insight into how the interview with Variety went down when they were filming and how the quote came to the surface. “That statement that I said was without questions and conversation around it, and it became a soundbite really with no context,” explained Kardashian. “That soundbite came off of the notion and the question right before, which was, ‘After 20 years of being in the business, you’re famous for being famous,‘ and my whole tone and attitude changed with the previous question that went into that question about what advice would you give to women.”

It doesn’t look like many social media users are giving Kardashian a pass on this because it feels like too little, too late. One user tweeted, “Stop. Giving. Her. A. Platform. She said what she said, and meant what she said.” Another added, “It’s still a no for me Kim! We know the context & it was out of touch! You were born of privilege. A day of work for you, doesn’t look like a day’s of work for millions around this country….” Many families suffered over the last few years with the pandemic and economic downturn — they were often struggling to balance it all, but their jobs still didn’t pay enough. Kardashian’s comments, no matter how they happened, still feel tone-deaf to women who work hard every moment of the day without the luxury of a limitless bank account.

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