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Brad Pitt Played a Surprising Role in Helping Renée Zellweger Meet Boyfriend Ant Anstead

When Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead got together over the 2021 summer, we were a bit surprised by the new celebrity couple. But the more we learn about the twosome — who’ve kept their romance relatively private save for a few adorable PDA pics — the more we’re starting to feel like these two were really meant to be together. Zellweger recently gave a bit more insight into how her meet-cute with Anstead came about, and Brad Pitt happened to play a significant role.

Zellweger described in a revealing new profile for the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar how she ended up on Anstead’s show, Celebrity IOU: Joyride, in the first place. “It was around Judy,” the actress recalled, adding it was “late night, and I remember I watched the Property Brothers with Brad Pitt.” The two-time Oscar winner referenced the HGTV series Celebrity IOU, in which famous stars request the help of the property brothers (Jonathan and Drew Scott) to help makeover a home for a beloved family member, employee, anyone in their lives they know is deserving. Pitt appeared on an episode, working with the Scott brothers to renovate his longtime friend and makeup artist of 30 years’ detached garage.

At the time, Zellweger was still grappling with the loss of Nanci Ryder — described by Harper’s Bazaar as “a titan in the industry” — who passed away after battling ALS for nearly six years. Zellweger wanted to do something special for the two nurses, twin brothers Jerome Cowan and Jerald Cowan, who took care of Ryder in the last year of her life. When the opportunity presented itself, Zellweger jumped at the chance to honor the two healthcare workers on Celebrity IOU: Joyride, which happens to be hosted by Anstead.

When all was said and done, the Cowan brothers were given a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass and a vintage Bronco. As for Zellweger? Well, she started dating Anstead after spending some time with the host on her respective episode. Nearly a year later, the couple has met some major milestones and Zellweger even moved closer to the HGTV host and his family. Call it kismet, it sounds like these two were meant to meet each other.

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