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Jodie Turner-Smith Shared Some Seriously Glam Nudes With Husband Joshua Jackson

We know getting glam for some of our favorite celebs can take a lot of time, energy, and preparation. Now, we’ve never been in those opulent hotel rooms ourselves, but we basically got a behind-the-scenes look at one star’s process for getting ready for a major industry event in a series of new snapshots. Jodie Turner-Smith shared a number of photos to Instagram from her glam prep prior to the 2022 Critics Choice Awards, and the images happened to feature the actress posing naked next to her suited-up husband, Joshua Jackson.

Listen, there’s cheeky, and then there’s the sexy snapshots Turner-Smith posted to social media. The very first photo totally set the tone for the rest of the carousel post. The image featured the Anne Boleyn star slyly looking over her shoulder, sporting a gorgeous ‘do and picture-perfect makeup, and striking a confident pose while wearing absolutely nothing. Turner-Smith’s husband of nearly three years was fully dressed in his suit, and posed alongside his wife for the sassy and sexy snap. You can see the photos HERE.


Another photo also featured Turner-Smith’s bare bake, as she teasingly stuck out her tongue at her husband, who was absolutely giddy. “The cat that got the cream,” Turner-Smith captioned the series of photos. Jackson could hardly help himself and commented on the post, writing, “You’re talking about me right? I’m the cat that got the cream…because…wow.”

Jackson and Turner-Smith have hardly ever been averse to showing off their love on social media. In fact, they kind of make it a habit of gushing about one another — which we totally love to see. Turner-Smith looked so sexy and confident in this Instagram post. She was clearly feeling herself, and we’re loving the fact that Jackson looked at his stunning, accomplished wife with so much affection (and maybe a little something more). We’re obsessed with this highly in love, low-key couple, and cannot wait to see what they choose to share next. Until then, don’t mind us, we’ll just be scrolling through these photos.

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