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Heidi Klum’s Latest Lingerie Photos Are a Perfect Example of How Sexy Hip Dips Can Be

Heidi Klum had a fun and flirty time in Las Vegas, donning some stunning lingerie and posing in her hotel room. As she peered down on the city by her window, which obviously had privacy glass, she gave us a glimpse of her fit and toned figure.

The supermodel was showing off the latest rage on TikTok: hip dips. If you are scratching your head over what exactly that is, it’s the indentation where the hip bone naturally meets the thigh. Notice we said, naturally — so that means everyone has it, but it can be more pronounced on some body types — and social media users are championing their hip dips. So now that the 48-year-old superstar is showing hers off, don’t be surprised if we see more celebs celebrating their bodies in the same way.

Klum’s outfit included a lacy, cream-colored bra paired with black thigh-high stockings and panties with stylish cutouts emphasizing her shapely curves. She then accessorized the sexy lingerie with patent leather heels and the unexpected Formula 1 Tiesto Racing baseball cap. We love that she’s doing fashion her way — and she’s proud of it, reminding her followers, “What happens in Vegas …….,” followed by a heart emoji.

Klum continues to be at the top of her game as a model and a TV host while helping usher in her 17-year-old daughter Leni’s career as well. She’s writing the rules for herself, and they are working quite well as she blazes the trail ahead as a businesswoman and as a social media trendsetter who knows exactly what TikTok is talking about — sexy hip dips.

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