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Hayley Hasselhoff’s Plus-Size Body Was Always Met With ‘Love & Support’ From Her Baywatch Star Parents

Hayley Hasselhoff has been making a name for herself as a curve model since the age of 14. She’s well established in her career, and she thanks her parents David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach for instilling a sense of confidence in her that allowed her to defy the pressures of Hollywood and their standard of beauty.

With two parents who starred on Baywatch running in slow motion down a beach in skimpy bathing suits, Hayley could have succumbed to trying to imitate her parents’ body types. Instead, she revealed to Yahoo Life’s It Figures that the family had conversations about warding off any insecurities and working through her struggles with body dysmorphia. “It’s hard when you look at your mother or you identify not looking like what you think beauty should look like,” she explained. “My mom and my dad are just so proud to see how far that I’ve come and how resilient I think that I am.”

Because she’s always had the “love and support” from her parents about “celebrating [her] body,” it’s made working through her “social anxiety” a little bit easier. “I, as somebody who may seem like I’m very confident and very grounded in my body, it takes time and it takes work,” she added. The 29-year-old actress is also going to keep talking about body positivity because she feels there are a lot of people who can relate to her struggles in breaking down the old body stereotypes.

“I still have to do that work because I’m talking about my body on a consistent basis,” she continued. “If we start to open these conversations up, then it eliminates more people from feeling like they’re going to go to a crisis and have nowhere to go.” Hayley wants to make it her personal mission to “lift people up for living their authentic truth and their beauty and their love for themselves.”

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