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Serena Williams Shows She’s Still a Kid At Heart In Adorable & Silly Video

Even Serena Williams keeps it light and fun, no matter the situation — as apparent in her new, adorable video on Instagram that shows she’s still a kid on the inside. On March 18, Williams posted a 10-second clip onto her Instagram with the simple, cheeky caption, “Cause why not?”

In the video, we see Williams looking gorgeous in an all-black, flowing ensemble topped with black heels and beautifully curled hair. Despite wearing heels, she slides down the stairwell railing, gracefully sliding down and into a twirl. She laughs hysterically alongside the person taking the video and we can’t help but smile at the pure, wholesome moment.

Williams is quite down-to-earth, despite being a literal legend. Along with that, she constantly loves learning, as she told Complex back in 2020. When asked if she’s learning anything new, she said, “I am just learning, I think, everyone is looking to learn from this. We will just have to see what the lesson is for each person. I think it will be different.”

Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian have a daughter together named Olympia, 4, and neither pass up the opportunity for playtime. When you scroll through Williams’ Instagram, you see her and Olympia playing with lightsabers, tennis, make believe — you name it.

In an interview with E Online, Williams explained that she actually got her daughter into tennis to stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s just playing for fun and staying active in a COVID world when we didn’t know what to do. So that’s kinda the only reason I started her doing that.” But we’re sure it’ll unlock a lifelong passion for the little one as well.

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