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Paris Jackson Channels Her Father Michael In Stunning Concert Photos

Paris Jackson is finally performing live and already, we’re seeing her father Michael Jackson in her when she performs.

On March 17, Paris posted a series of photos of her performing at the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas. She posted the photos with the simple, yet touching caption, “thank you.”

In the photos, we see Paris in a black dress, fishnet stockings, stacked jewelry, and holding her wooden guitar on stage. We see different angles of her set, some of her playing the guitar to singing soulfully. The photos are enchanting, showing the power and soul behind her music. We end it on a brief video of her and her band performing, looking like they’re having the time of their lives.

We can’t help but see her father in her while she performs, mystifying the crowd with her music and presence. We have no doubt she’ll continue to make amazing career moves, especially while on her first solo tour.

Paris has said many times that her happy place is performing on stage, sharing her music with the world. In a 2020 interview with Variety, Paris even said so herself that performing is what she wants to do. “There are so many different cool parts about being a musician, and performing is one of them.” She added her dream career is “to do this for the rest of my life… Connect with other artists like this, and to create like this. It just makes my heart so full. It’s that feeling like I’m exactly where I need to be, and I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing. It’s hard to explain, but it’s incredible.”

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