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Nancy Pelosi’s Reading of a Bono Poem About Ukraine, Zelensky, & St. Patrick’s Day Has Us All Confused

The invasion of Ukraine has created a lot of worry and emotions across the globe, but we certainly didn’t think it would inspire Nancy Pelosi to quote U2 frontman Bono on St. Patrick’s Day. The Speaker of the House read a poem written by the singer at the Friends of Ireland luncheon that compared Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to St. Patrick.

The introduction started OK with Pelosi stating, “I got this message this morning from Bono. Whether we are in Ireland or here, Bono has been a very Irish part of our lives.” And then she launched into an original poem written by him.

Oh St. Patrick, he drove out the snakes
With his prayers, but that’s not all it takes
For the snake symbolizes
An evil that rises
And hides in your heart
As it breaks
And the evil has risen my friends
From the darkness that lives in some men
But in sorrow and fear
That’s when saints can appear
To drive out those old snakes once again
And they struggle for us to be free
From the psycho in this human family
Ireland’s sorrow and pain
Is now the Ukraine
And Saint Patrick’s name now Zelensky

The obvious metaphor has Zelensky as St. Patrick who drove the snakes in the country out to the sea — and at least one of those snakes represent Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. While the sentiment of supporting Ukraine is lovely, tying in Bono and St. Patrick’s Day with a political audience somehow misses the mark. It’s confusing messaging for the veteran politician to be delivering — it would have been better had Bono appeared from the wings to read it himself.

After she wrapped up the poem, the audience gave her polite applause and a few chuckles as Pelosi then introduced Riverdance. It’s a fever dream we didn’t expect on our 2022 Bingo card, but that’s what the year is delivering so far.

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