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Angelina Jolie’s New Comments About Child Abuse Are Renewing Concerns About Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie was at the White House on Wednesday for President Joe Biden’s signing of the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act — a topic the actress is very passionate about. After the law expired in 2018, she has been a fervent supporter of its reenactment, especially in the wake of her divorce from Brad Pitt.

Calling her mission “personal” to NBC News, Jolie campaigned for more funding to be directed toward technology that could aid healthcare workers and first responders in better detecting bruises in people of color. It’s the 46-year-old mother of six’s comments that have a few people side-eyeing Pitt at this moment. “My children have different skin tones and I’ve noticed over the years just even with dermatology that so much of it is based on white skin,” she explained “It’s personal and I won’t say very much, but if somebody comes in and assaults us — you look at me and you look at Ruth [Glenn, the CEO and President of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence]. You have a better chance of seeing bruises on me, so anybody with darker skin is going to have less chance at justice.”

That sounds like Jolie is referring to personal experiences within her own family — we certainly are aware of the alleged domestic violence incident that was the catalyst for her split from Pitt. Even though the actor was cleared of child abuse allegations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Child and Family Services back in 2016, that incident on a private jet involving Jolie, Pitt and oldest son Maddox, now 20, has been a big part of their child custody proceedings. Jolie refused to elaborate more about her own experiences with domestic violence, but added, “It is personal to everyone who cares about family, everyone who cares about children.”

Jolie has every right to keep her family matters out of the public eye, especially with four of the kids still under the age of 18. But it does cast an even bigger cloud of judgment over Pitt and makes everyone question what really happened behind closed doors of this seemingly picture-perfect family.

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