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Duchess Camilla Is Still Struggling to Recover After Testing Positive for COVID Last Month

The British royal family has been dealing with quite a lot over the course of the past few months. Some events have been celebratory, like the official day of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. Others have been thornier, such as Prince Charles, the queen, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s recovery from COVID-19. While it seems like members of the royal family who tested positive for the virus are on the mend, Camilla (formerly Camilla Parker-Bowles) has been dealing with lingering symptoms during her recovery, leading the future Queen Consort to recently cancel some public appearances.

While the duchess has been spotted at a few events within the past few days, some have noted the royal has been “struggling,” according to Entertainment Tonight. The Duchess of Cornwall was also seen coughing at some recent engagements, per the outlet. Although Camilla was meant to attend the Cheltenham Festival, she abruptly canceled her appearance in order to pace herself amidst her recovery.

Camilla and her husband of more than 15 years each tested positive for COVID-19 last month, along with the queen. But in the past month, it appeared the three prominent members of the royal family were steadily returning to their day-to-day duties, after taking the necessary precautions to ensure a full recovery. Only in the past few weeks, Queen Elizabeth spent some much-needed time with her grandchildren, including Prince William, and a few of her great-grandchildren, proving the monarch was well on her way to feeling better.

But for Camilla, who’s clearly maintained some lingering symptoms from the virus, it appears she may need just a bit more time in order to fully recover. We know this virus impacts everyone differently, and each person needs as much time as possible to feel healthy. But based on how we’ve seen members of the royal family support one another during difficult times in this pandemic, we are sure the Duchess of Cornwall’s presence will be felt even if she cannot attend her scheduled engagements.

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