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Drew Barrymore’s Hollywood Genes Are on Full Display in These Photos of Starlet Grandmother Dolores Costello

Drew Barrymore was born into an acting dynasty, and it’s sweet to see that she still appreciates the talents and contributions of her ancestors who made their mark in Hollywood. Her recent discovery of images of her grandmother, Dolores Costello, on Instagram moved the talk show host to tears.

Like many of us, Barrymore was doing a late-night social media scroll through Instagram when she stumbled upon the account, @oldhollywoodfans. They shared beautiful snapshots of her family member during her career in the entertainment industry. The first photo of Costello in a floral hat looks so much like Barrymore, the resemblance between the two women is on full display. The account captioned the carousel of stunning pictures, “The Goddess of the Silent Screen: Stunning Dolores Costello in the 1920s and 1930s. Dolores is the grandmother of the beautiful and talented Drew Barrymore.”

Barrymore jumped into the comments once she came across her grandmother on social media. She wrote with utter delight, “I didn’t know why I was scrolling because I need to go to bed and get up for work. I was feeling like I was looking for something. A sign ? I don’t know but I needed something!!! And I came across this! You brought me my grandmother!!!” The 47-year-old actress added that she had “tears streaming down [her] face” because she “needed this tonight.” The grateful star also summed up with, “Ps. Isn’t she so neat?! Thank you.”

Barrymore’s acting legacy goes back to the mid-1800s when her great-grandparents, theatrical legends Maurice and Georgie Barrymore, spawned three children, John, Lionel and Diana. Their impact on Hollywood has been felt ever since, but we have to wait and see if the Flower Beauty founder’s two daughters, Olive, 9, and Frankie, 7, decide to go in the family business. She’s raised her kids more traditionally compared to her own club-going days, so we are curious if they will be bitten by that same acting bug in the future.

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