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Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn Showed Off Their Lookalike Features in New Mother-Daughter Photos

Kate Hudson and mom Goldie Hawn are starring in Stuart Weitzman’s Spring 2022 campaign with the perfect theme for the mother-daughter duo, Live Every Moment. The joyous pair is not only showing off glamorous shoes for the upcoming season, but we love seeing their close bond on display.

The promotional video shows them hugging and snuggling close — from their profile shots, they look so much alike with their mischievous grins. You just know that the two of them have the best time together. There’s just so much of Hawn that has been passed down to her daughter and it’s not just their good looks, it’s also that impeccable comedic timing. We wonder why these two haven’t done a mother-daughter comedy yet — they have to do it, right?

Hudson is also singing her mother’s praises, explaining how fortunate she was to have Hawn as a parent because she nurtured so many sides of her. “Like any mother, your mother is your foundation, good or bad, of who you are and what you’ve become” the 42-year-old actress explained to WWD. “Especially as a girl, how you look up to your mother and how you individuate are two very important parts of motherhood and that mother-daughter relationship. I was lucky enough to have a mother that allowed me to do both — to embrace and to individuate. When you have that I think it creates a really strong bond and mutual respect.”

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Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn Courtesy of Stuart Weitzman.

It’s a relationship that has been strong since she was a little girl, and Hudson is honored to be able to work with her iconic mother now as an adult. “She’s my number one, so anytime I get to do anything with mommy, it’s fun.”

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