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Kate Hudson’s Son Ryder & Iris Apatow Have a Teen Romance That Sounds Straight Out of a Rom-Com

Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson’s son, Ryder, is enjoying time in the Hollywood spotlight, not because of a TV show or movie, but because of his teen romance with Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann’s daughter, Iris. They have such a rom-com story that it’s hard not to think how adorable their blossoming relationship is.

Iris gave Entertainment Tonight some insight on their romantic history before they became Instagram official — and it wasn’t love at first sight. “Our families have known each other since we were babies,” she revealed. “I’ve always gone to school with him, and I just didn’t really pay him any mind.” Just like a page from a script, one day, the 19-year-old actress woke up and realized that her classmate suddenly “got cuter.” Ryder had been there all along, right under her nose, but it took her a while to discover what “an angel” he is.

“We definitely fell towards each other’s lives at a good moment.” she added. “He’s very wonderful and I think I’m very lucky to have someone who cares about me like him.” The couple also has a very important seal of approval from their moms. Hudson and Mann have both been seen leaving adorable comments and emojis on their social media posts. Instead of being embarrassed, Iris is relieved because she thinks “it becomes too uncomfortable” if her parents don’t like the person she’s dating.

It’s a Hollywood love story in the making — and we wonder if her dad is taking notes for his next script. With Iris’ blossoming career in the entertainment industry, we wouldn’t be surprised if a rom-com is next on her list.

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